Tracy Morgan Accident Update: Kevin Hart Urges Fans to Pray for Friend, '30 Rock' Actor Still Critical

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Tracy Morgan, who played Tracy Jordan on the defunct NBC TV comedy series "30 Rock," is in critical condition after the limousine bus he was riding figured in a chain-reaction accident in New Jersey Saturday. Morgan's friend and fellow comedian Kevin Hart urges his over 10 million followers on Twitter to pray for his friends.

One of Morgan's co-passengers in the limo bus died in the accident. Two others are seriously injured. James McNair aka Jimmy Mack, 62, died in the crash.

"On this Sunday I ask all of you to throw a special prayer up to the big fella for my friend "Tracy Morgan"....he's been on my mind heavy," Hart said in a series of tweets.

"I had other comedian friends that were in that car as well and I also know the passenger who passed away! This sh*t is so unfortunate," Hart's tweet continued.

USA Today reported a Wal-Mart truck driver is suspected to have caused the fatal crash. The driver has been freed on bail, while Morgan remained and two others remained in critical condition.

A report by the Associated Press said the Wal-Mart truck driver swerved to avoid a crash, but collided into the back of the limo bus.

Hart is joined by several other celebrities expressing support for Tracy Morgan and his family. Tweets of comedians Steve Martin and Chris Rock are displayed below.

NBC's Today reported Wal-Mart has released a statement saying the company "will take full responsibility" if investigation concludes the company truck did cause the fatal accident.

Morgan and his fellow passengers were on board a limousine bus owned and operated by Atlantic Transportation Services.

Chris Rock Tweets Prayer Request for Tracy Morgan

Steve Martin Tweets 'Best Thoughts' to Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan's comedy career started at NBC's "Saturday Night Live." He became even more popular as Tracy Jordan in Tina Fey's "30 Rock," which also aired on NBC. The actor is a father of four. His fourth child, his first with fiancé Megan Wollover, was born barely a year ago.

"Life is [too] short people....I'm wishing everyone involved a speedy recovery!" Hart concluded his tweets in relation to Tracy Morgan's critical condition due to the fatal accident.

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