Toyota Australia Ready to Ship Car Engines to Thailand, Malaysia

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Toyota Australia on Friday announced it is ready to ship this year its four-cylinder automobile engines to Thailand and Malaysia.

"The fact that we were able to secure new export markets in Thailand and Malaysia is testament to the quality of our work and the positive reputation Toyota Australia has amongst our affiliates," Chris Harrod, executive director of manufacturing and purchasing of Toyota Australia, said.

The company expects to ship to the two countries 18,000 four-cylinder engines this year, at the same time manufacture 90,000 for use in its locally-made Camry and Camry Hybrid.

"We are now one of only four countries producing this particular engine, and is the only Australian manufacturer to produce both petrol and hybrid engines," Mr Harrod added.

Toyota's multimillion-dollar hybrid factory engine plant in Melbourne's west opened on December 2012. It is the first of its kind built outside of Japan, making Australia one of only four countries able to manufacture the AR-series four-cylinder engines.

Part of the funds for its construction, which was built to replace the old one which was more than 30 years old, came from the Australian federal government, at $63 million, from the Green Car Innovation fund.

Production guidance at the plant is made up of 85 per cent for standard petrol engines, while the remaining 15 per cent will be for hybrid units.

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