TOWIE' Star Harry Derbidge Talks About His Decade-Long Battle Against Eating Disorder [Video]

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During his appearance on the show This Morning,  The Only Way Is Essex or commonly known as the ‘TOWIE’ star Harry Derbidge spoke about his bitter struggle with an eating disorder which spanned over a decade.

According to the report by the Huffinton Post, the reality TV show star opened up to the hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes about his 10-year-long struggle before revealing the way he overcame his food issues.

"I've always been a fussy eater from the age of eight. It started for me as being fussy and turned into a bit of OCD with my food, so my poor mum used to bring me out my food and everything would have to be separate,” he explained. “It was an OCD thing, it couldn't be touching, and I'm still such a fussy eater today and everything I eat is completely plain. But at the time I didn't see it as a problem."

Harry told that food had always been the last thing in his mind as he had no interest in it. He also admitted to throwing off food frequently inside toilet when he was younger.

He shared his experiences about hard winder days when he used to feel extremely cold  because he had no fat insulation. He also revealed the way he used to feel too tired as if he had no energy inside.

 His health was completely ruined.

After consultations with doctors when he found out that his weight was dangerously low, Harry realised his habits immediately required to be changed.

 It was a tough battle, and he admitted that even though it took a long time for him, but he slowly discovered his love for food. He would indulge into six small plain meals a day to gain weight.

Harry happily claimed that with little more weight gain, it would be perfect for him. he also admitted to have 10 times more energy at present.

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