Towerfall Wii U Update: Mac & Linux Release Dates Soon, Towerfall: Ascension Still Coming to Nintendo?

By @binibiningkd on

"Towerfall: Ascension" has been one of the best local multiplayer game in many years. With its stunning old-school art and almost perfect gameplay, it is an absolute blast of a game.

If it were available for Nintendo console, it will be undoubtedly an incredible fit. Currently, "Tower: Ascension" is only available for Ouya, PC and PS4, but Mac and Linux versions are already very near at hand. The question is now is will it come to Wii U soon as well?

"Towerfall: Ascension" originally came out exclusively for Ouya in June 2013 and it was immediately dubbed as the darling of the platform. For those who do not know, the game throws four archers into a tower, with three arrows each - the goal is to kill each other. Similar to most classic games, the core of the gameplay is quite easy and simple to learn. The cool items, fast-pace and sheer skill involved in the game make it a keeper.

As of the moment, the game has single player, local multiplayer but not online multiplayer. Notably, this game is not available for the best suited platform for local multiplayer - the Nintendo Wii U.

PS4 is the platform of choice for online multiplayer and offline single-player experiences while the Nintendo Wii U is more of a friends-and-family-oriented console. That being said, "Towerfall: Ascension's" nostalgic vibe is best suited for the Nintendo console rather than the PS4 platform.

Back when the game was still exclusive on Ouya, console makers, including Nintendo approached the game creator Matt Thorson about making a version for their own consoles but at that time, Thorson just went with PS4 and Steam. Currently, he is working on Mac and Linux versions and after that, he is going to release a level editor.

"Hard to say. This feels like it's up to the players as much as it is to me. Hopefully TowerFall is played at parties and tournaments for years to come. I'd like to support it along the way however it makes sense to do that," Thorson said when asked about the future of the game.

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