Tourists Capture on Video Collapse of Ice Glacier Off Argentina (VIDEO)

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About 30 tourists out to visit the breathtaking ice glacier known as Perito Moreno in Argentina's Patagonia region got more than what they came for when the ice started to crack and fell into the lake.

Moreso, it was also fortunate that no one in the group was hurt because they were all far enough away that the rush of water resulting from the drop didn't affect them.

Christian Grosso, an amateur photographer and one of the tourists, captured the epic collapse on camera while another tourist captured the event on video.

The collapse of the glacier has nothing to do with global warming, according to Our Amazing Planet, because the Perito Moreno glacier, one of the largest in Patagonia, a region at the southern tip of South America, does rupture every few years.

According to the NASA Earth Observatory, Perito Moreno periodically cuts off the major southern arm of Lake Argentino, known as Brazo Rico. It creates a natural dam and then blocks water from moving between the two bodies of water.

"This glacier is somewhat unique in that its path takes it across an arm of a large lake," Jim Foster, NASA scientist, said. "Most glaciers don't have such trajectories, so bridging and tunneling, at least at this scale, is rather rare."

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