Tour Around the World with the Ultimate Camper Van, Kiravan

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Many people consider taking a tour around the world when their pockets and time permits. But how about cruising around from North Pole to South pole with the ultimate camper  with a just Daddy and four-year old kid together?

Sounds too good to be true?

Meet Bran Ferren, a Californian inventor who splurged millions just to invent the enormous one-off six wheeler super truck called the Kiravan just to travel on wheels with her daughter  Kira all over the world.

When completed, the vehicle has a length of 31 feet and height of over 10 meters has modern equipment that most homes and personal jets would die for.  

The amenities of this super vehicle includes an eco-friendly bathroom, well-stocked kitchen, own drones, multiple navigating cameras, and even pop up tent for Kira.

This gigantic terrestrial spaceship will have up to 2,000 mileage without the need for resupply. It has a special suspension system which will enable to navigate almost any topography even those with 45 degrees steepness.

The main trailer boosts of a complete kitchen and dining room which can feed three persons up to two to three weeks. Some of the equipment can be eliminated for farther destinations to accommodate more supplies.

The cockpit area is well-equipped with customized modern navigational facilities including a touch screen monitor mounted overhead that supervises the movement both in terms of health and travel.

Passengers can virtually view from any of the 22 cameras from the situational monitoring system operated with a joystick. The high tech cameras are capable of providing details of the road temperature via infrared thermal pictures.

Dr. Ferren has also anticipated heavy  traffic when traversing in busy metropolitan so he also equip the Kiravan with its own drones that fly ahead of the SUV to monitor traffic situation. Even the customized seats are designed to absorb shock and vibration.

Siner Kira is Dr. Ferren's most important client, he doesn't want to take chances. The back portion of the trailer will be mounted with a diesel powered motorbike which will be used for smaller terrains and emergency purposes.

In a news report from Wired, Dr. Ferren stated, "If I want to run into town, I don't want to take 51,700 pounds of expedition vehicle to get milk and eggs." He pointed out, "I have a little girl. I would like her to see the wonders of this world. But I'd like her to survive the experience."

What a way indeed to tour around the world for the father and daughter tandem!

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