Tough Love: Taylor Swift Hopeful Selena Gomez Will Become Her Friend Again, But Not If Selena's Still Addicted to Justin Bieber

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Country music artist Taylor Swift arrives at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas
Country music artist Taylor Swift arrives at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada April 6, 2014. REUTERS/Steve Marcus REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Taylor Swift may be reaching out to Selena Gomez after hearing and reading about Selena's heartbreak and depression, but this does not mean she changed her mind about what she thinks about Justin Bieber or Selena's relationship with the bad boy.

Selena Gomez is still not in the mood for a reconciliation with Taylor Swift, but Taylor Swift will not make Selena Gomez more attracted to the idea of them becoming BFFs again if it means Taylor Swift needs to act like she's on board with Selena's addiction on Justin Bieber is right, or will ever be right.

According to a source of Hollywood Life, "As far as I know Taylor and Selena still haven't spoken, as of a few days ago they hadn't. But Taylor's hopeful that they will eventually be friends again."

However, the report also claimed, "She's open to it, she misses Selena, but she's not interested in being friends with her if Justin is still in her life." Moreover, "Taylor thinks he's like an addiction for Selena and she's not going to enable her. This is tough love, but for sure Taylor still loves Selena, she always will." Taylor Swift has been called on being too controlling of a friend by psychologists, and Selena Gomez thinks she was too petty for throwing away their friendship, but when it comes to Bieber being too immature and not trustworthy, Taylor just might have a good hindsight.

Now that it seems Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's over for good, with neither of them following each other on Instagram and with Justin Bieber openly flaunting his hookup with Kylie Jenner, maybe a Taylor Swift-Selena Gomez reconciliation is not far behind.

Meanwhile, maybe to stop feeling alone and depressed, Selena Gomez has taken on Orlando Bloom as her new close friend and confidante. Justin Bieber's convinced that Selena and Orlando Bloom are hooking up so he unfollowed her on Instagram, but at this point, nobody seems to care. At least Selena does not feel alone on this trying time. In fact, compared to Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom just might get a thumbs up sign from Taylor Swift. 

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