Torture Test on Samsung Galaxy S5 Results in Explosion of Battery

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Galaxy S5
The new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone (L), Gear 2 smartwatch (C) and Gear Fit fitness band are displayed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona February 23, 2014. REUTERS/Albert Gea

Techies are fond of subjecting newly released gadgets to a torture tests to find out how these devices could withstand the unexpected and also to test claims of manufacturers.

However, in some of the tests, it was the tester whose credibility is placed under question for the manner the torture tests were carried out which could be dangerous if gadget users would imitate them after watching the torture test on video sharing sites.

One such tester is TechRax who posted on YouTube ( the video of his subjecting the newly released Samsung Galaxy S5 to a knife and hammer test.

The four-minute video clip showed the device first undergoing a knife test in which the phone escaped unharmed. Then the tester went to use a hammer, first hitting the device with light taps on the front and on the back. These initial taps hardly harmed the smartphone.

But the tests went one level higher and TechRax  used stronger force that cracked the front screen of the Samsung phone. Not content, the tester turned the smartphone over and pounded fiercely the back, causing the cover to be destroyed and the battery to pop out, which the texter hit by mistake.

That was the problem happened because the battery exploded and emitted black smoke. In the commentary section of YouTube, Matthew Schanzlin pointed out that the sulfuric acid inside the battery is one of the strongest acids in the world and is extremely toxic.

Evoking12345 chastised the tester for destroying the Galaxy S5 "when most people can't afford for a birthday," while Brian Tran pointed out that the Texter got them for free from Web sites that sponsor him to create the video and post it.

Amigo, who commented on which ran a story on the test gone bad, suggested rival Apple allegedly paid for the video to show consumers the danger of buying smartphones made by the South Korean electronics giant Samsung.

The video, however, does not deter Maxine from liking the latest release by the South Korean giant as she announced plans to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S5 (

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