Toronto Film Festival 2013: Cory Monteith’s Final Role in “McCanick” for First Offering (VIDEO)

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The Toronto International Film Festival had announced that Cory Monteith's film "McCanick" is going to be one of the festival's first offering on Sept 5, 2013.

"McCanick" is the second Cory Monteith's film to be featured for the Toronto Film Festival 2013. The first Monteith's film to made it to the festival was the Canada-based feature "All the Wrong Reasons".

A synopsis of "McCanick" from Toronto Festival 2013 Web site praises Monteith for his on-screen charisma.

A hothead cop (David Morse) learns a young man (Cory Monteith, in one of his final film roles) he helped put away seven years ago is back out on the streets - and carries with him an uncomfortable secret. This tough, tension-riddled action-drama is a showcase for Morse's intensity and Monteith's charisma.

Monteith appeared very different in his final role in "McCanick." He has long brown locks and dresses in street clothes which made him look rough and older but gentlemanly. He had the brooding mysterious gaze which he hides under his hoodie.

David Morse played as the narcotics detective Eugene "Mack" Mccanick, while Monteith played as a young criminal Simon Weeks. Driven by paranoia, Mack will chase after Weeks in just a span of one long, humid day. As Mack gets closer to Weeks, there will be secrets in the past which only Weeks can reveal.

It was sad that Monteith is no longer around to talk about his role in "McCanick". However, director Josh C. Waller had all the nice words for Monteith saying that the film was a "cathartic experience" for him as a director, and that Monteith was very honest to admit about his struggle with addiction in the past.

"When I met with him, he wanted to do it so badly. He was very vocal about his past, and said he wanted to tap into things from his youth that he hadn't been able to use as an actor yet," said Waller.

The Toronto International Film Festival also announced that John Turturro's "Fading Gigolo" and Richard Glatzer and wash Westmoreland's Errol Flynn film "The Last of Robin Hood" will also be included for the festival's first film offerings.

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