Tori Spelling Can’t Afford To Divorce Dean McDermott

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Tori Spelling can’t afford to divorce Dean McDermott. A report claims that the former teen actress already wants to divorce her husband of almost eight years, but knows she can’t because she would go broke if she did.

The 40-year-old TV star is said to be fed up with Dean after allegations that he has cheated on her with a woman named Emily Goodhand surfaced.

Dean, who confirmed that he has entered a treatment facility this January to address “some health and professional issues,” has not confirmed nor denied the rumour.

Tori allegedly wants to end things with him, but she’s worried about the impact of their divorce would do to their finances.

“She would definitely kick Dean to the curb if she could financially afford to do so,” a source told “Tori has admitted she would file for divorce from Dean, but she is afraid she would go broke.”

The source continued, “With the recent allegations that Dean cheated on Tori, she’s now kicking herself for not securing the prenup with Dean. She doesn’t plan on divorcing Dean, but feels that prenup might could have prevented him from cheating on her.”

Tori revealed in her memoir “Spelling It Like It Is” that she is in serious debt. The daughter of the late TV tycoon Aaron Spelling, she grew up with a silver spoon. But when she lost the support of her parents upon marrying Dean, as well as inheriting just $800,000 when her father died, she has lost the money that her lifestyle demanded.

As the breadwinner of their family, Tori is apparently worried that Dean would ask for joint custody of their children and demand spousal and child support if they divorced.

Aside from her lack of funds, there’s one more thing that’s worrying Tori, and it’s not her husband’s infidelity.

“She seems to care more about the public perception of her than Dean’s cheating,” the insider claimed, adding that Tori “feels humiliated and extremely angry at him.”

Tori married Dean in May 2006, less than a month after divorcing playwright Charlie Shanian, whom she married in 2004. She has four children with Dea: Liam Aaron (born 2007), Finn Davey (2012), Stella Doreen (2008), and Hattie Margaret (2011).

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