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Ancient Egyptian Mummy Discovered With Brain but No Heart [Representational Image] (Wiki Commons/Joshua Sherurcij)
Ancient Egyptian Mummy Discovered with Brain but No Heart

By IBTimes IN

Scientists have uncovered a 1,700-year-old Egyptian mummy with an intact brain but no heart. The mummy's abdomen has a plaque that the scientists suspect may have intentionally been placed for ritual purpose. The team of researchers studied the female mummy using CT scan. (Apr 07)

Chinese Man Arrested for Hiring Strippers
Viral Video: Strippers Promote Australian Dental Association 2015 National Congress Wearing Undies Almost as Thin as Dental Floss

By IBTimes AU

The Australian Dentists Association is red-faced over a burlesque video which was uploaded on YouTube, the group's Web site and other social media accounts and created a furor.The 29-second clip was actually part of the entertainment number at t... (Apr 01)


Hawaii Mother in Coma after Routine Dental Procedure (Representational Image)
Hawaii Mother in Coma after Routine Dental Procedure

By IBTimes IN

Kristen Tavares, mother of two, felt unconscious while undergoing a routine dental procedure, eventually leading to a coma. (Mar 24)


Debris and rescue equipment are seen at the site of a building explosion in the Harlem section of New York on 13 March, 2014.
New York City Gas Explosion Subject of Federal Probe

By Reuters

Federal safety authorities launched an investigation on Thursday into a gas explosion that caused the collapse a day earlier of two New York City apartment buildings, killing seven people and injuring dozens of others. (Mar 14)


Investigators have spoken to the woman sister in Boston (Representational Image)
Mummified Detroit Woman Died in 2008, Somehow Voted in 2010

By IBTimes IN

Mummified remains of the body believed to have belonged to 49-year-old, Pia Farrenkopf were found last week in her Pontiac home. (Mar 12)


'My Five Wives' Revelations And Episode 2 Airdate: Meet the Controversial Wives Married to Polygamist Brady Williams

By IBTimes AU

As "The Bachelor" comes to end get ready for your next favorite reality show TLC's "My Five Wives". The show which premiered on March 10 and was marred by various controversies due its concept of polygamy. (Mar 11)

Michael Jackson Death Verdict
'King of Pop' Has a Doppelganger? Find Out Who He Is!

By IBTimes AU

Michael Jackson has a love child as reports of a 31-year old singer surfaced. (Mar 10)


A Radiation Monitor Indicates 73.20 Microsieverts per Hour at the Site of the Crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant in Fukushima
Officials Maintain Nuclear Leak from New Mexico Plant Poses No Health Risk Despite Elevated Levels of Radiation in the Air

By IBTimes AU

Officials from the U.S. Department of Energy continued to maintain the nuclear leak that came out from a nuclear waste plant in New Mexico poses no hazards to the health of nearby residents, even as levels of airborne radioactivity had been found to be "slightly elevated. (Feb 26)


Friends cast
Some Unnoticed Hilarious Mistakes in TV show ‘FRIENDS’

By IBTimes IN Special

With so many repeat runs on TV, it’s easier to spot those pesky little mistakes or as they call it continuity issues. Here’s a look at some of them: (Feb 20)

Chemicals Can Cause Brain Disorders in Children
Chemicals Can Cause Brain Disorders in Children

By IBTimes IN

A new study has revealed that some chemicals are responsible for brain disorders in children. (Feb 15)