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Tony Abbott

Anthony John "Tony" Abbott (born 4 November 1957) is the Leader of the Opposition in the Australian House of Representatives and federal leader of the centre-right Liberal Party of Australia. Read More

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A woman places a lighted candle on a poster with messages expressing hope for passengers of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane MH370 during a candlelight vigil in Petaling Jaya, near Kuala Lumpur on 16 March, 2014.
MH370 Search: Malaysia Forms Independent Team; Australia to Continue Search No Matter the Cost

By IBTimes AU

In the ongoing search for any sign of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, Malaysia has announced it has formed an independent international investigation team to determine the actual reason behind the lost aircraft. (1:32 pm)


MH370 Search Update: Material Found Washed Up on Australian Coast, Possible Debris From Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight? Investigators Declare Findings

By IBTimes AU

Investigation of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 took a turn when an unidentified object was discovered washed ashore on southwestern coast of Australia. The object was immediately secured and taken for careful examination by the experts. (1:19 pm)


Handout of crew aboard the Australian Defence Vessel Ocean Shield moving the U.S. Navy's Bluefin-21 into position for deployment, in the southern Indian Ocean to look for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370
Malaysia Airlines MH370: Australia to Use Technology that Helped Locate Sunken Titanic, Debris Not Part of Missing Plane

By IBTimes AU

Australia is planning to deploy a highly sophisticated powerful sonar equipment that is similar to the one that helped locate the sunken Titanic 29 years ago as the country vowed to continue the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370. (12:31 pm)


Bilingual Seniors Are Sharp: Study
Age Discrimination Commissioner Warns of Failure to Hike Retirement Age to 70 If Aussie Companies Are Unwilling to Hire Workers Over 50

By IBTimes AU

Susan Ryan, Age Discrimination Commissioner of Australia, warned on Wednesday that a federal government proposal to raise the pension age to 70 from 67 would be bound to fail if Aussie companies continue to refuse to hire workers who are 50 years old and above. (Apr 24)


Aussies Arrive in Gallipoli for Anzac Day; Prince Charles, William and Kate Join too

By IBTimes AU

Aussies are arriving in Gallipoli for the Anzac day; Tony Abbott will be joined by Prince Charles, William and Kate (Apr 23)


The Singaporean submarine support and rescue vessel, MV Swift Rescue, is prepared before it departs to assist in the search for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 in Singapore, in this 9 March, 2014 handout picture.
Malaysian Airlines Flight 370: Australia Eyes Use of More Powerful Side-Scan Sonar Capable of Reaching Deeper Water

By IBTimes AU

After 10 days of searching the floor of the Indian Ocean for any trace of the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 jet with zero results so far, Australia is considering the use of more sophisticated search equipment. (Apr 23)


Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott addresses during the CHOGM opening ceremony in Colombo
Australia Jacks Up Air Combat Power, Allots $12B for Purchase of 58 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters

By IBTimes AU

Australia has allotted more than $12 billion from the national coffers for the purchase of 58 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, as the Abbott government jacks up the country's air combat power and resources to a total of 72 fighter jets by 2020. (Apr 23)


1942 Letter Speaks of Young Men’s Desire to Serve

By IBTimes AU

A 1942 letter penned by Flight Sergeant Clifton Wedd spoke of why young men heed to the call of service during war times (Apr 22)

Aussies Born After 1959 Have to Wait Until 2029 to Be Eligible for Pension at Age 70

By IBTimes AU

The Abbott government is holding a review of current pension rules which could result in Australian workers who were born beginning 1959 receiving their pension at age 70 in 2029 from 67. (Apr 22)


Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott addresses during the CHOGM opening ceremony in Colombo
Tony Abbott's Budget Cuts on Research a Declaration of War on Science

By IBTimes AU

Australia's scientists have found one common enemy in the person of Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Since Mr Abbott won the September 2013 election, some of the country's brilliant researchers have complained that their funding has been cut. (Apr 17)