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Religion is a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a supernatural agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.

Religion is often described as a communal system for the coherence of belief focusing on a system of thought, unseen being, person, or object, that is considered to be supernatural, sacred, divine, or of the highest truth. Moral codes, practices, values, institutions, tradition, rituals, and scriptures are often traditionally associated with the core belief, and these may have some overlap with concepts in secular philosophy. Religion is also often described as a "way of life" or a life stance. Read More

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Articles About Religion

Australia Condemns Peshawar Massacre

By IBTimes AU

Australia stands together with Pakistan in the wake of the Peshawar massacre (12:53 am)


Members of the Australian Muslim community place floral tributes amongst thousands of others near the Lindt cafe
Australian Muslim Says Sorry for Sydney Siege

By IBTimes AU

Reddit user adorkable95 felt compelled to say sorry for the Sydney siege on behalf of his fellow Muslims in Australia. (Dec 18)


Members of the public look at floral tributes placed near the cafe where hostages were held for over 16-hours, in central Sydney December 16, 2014. Heavily armed Australian police stormed a Sydney cafe early on Tuesday morning and freed terrified hostages
Sydney Blooms With Floral Bouquets Celebrating Heroism Of 2 Hostages Who Died Saving Other Lindt Customers

By IBTimes AU

On Tuesday, Sydney was full of life and blooming with floral bouquets. It's a far cry from the previous day when the streets of the commercial business district were deserted due to the Sydney Siege at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe at Martin Place. (Dec 16)


A glass gavel is seen in the office of judge Joaquim Barbosa during an interview with Reuters at the Supreme Court building in Brasilia November 19, 2012. REUTERS / Ueslei Marcelino
Proposed Law School By Christian University In BC Gets Blocked For Being Anti-Gay

By IBTimes AU

The province of British Columbia has reversed an earlier decision to allow a Christian university to open a law school. citing anti-gay protests. (Dec 16)


Paramedics remove an injured woman on a stretcher from the Lindt cafe, where hostages were being held, at Martin Place in central Sydney December 16, 2014. Australian security forces on Tuesday stormed the Sydney cafe where several hostages were being hel
Iran Condemns Sydney Siege

By IBTimes AU

Iran says Australia knew of gunman Man Haron Monis’ mental state. (Dec 16)


Bill Nye During 'The Astronaut Farmer' Los Angeles Premiere
Smileys Help Explain Theory Of Evolution

By IBTimes AU

The Science Guy said evolution is the fundamental idea in all of life science. (Dec 16)

Zero alcohol drinks
Kiwi Bar Manager Arrested In Myanmar For Buddha Booze Promo: Outrage In Social Media Led To Action

By IBTimes AU

Using religious symbols for business promotion is never a sensible idea. (Dec 13)


New Zealand Pastor Logan Robertson Prays That Gay Author Jim Marjoram Will Commit Suicide

By IBTimes AU

New Zealand pastor Logan Robertson told gay Christian author Jim Marjoram to kill himself. (Dec 09)


A Palestinian baby is circumcised at Patient Care Association in Gaza May 20, 2010. Circumcision is a common surgery for Muslims in accordance to the teachings of Prophet Mohammed. They believe that it purifies the body from dirtiness, and immunizes it fr
Draft CDC Guidelines Say Benefits Of Male Circumcision Outweigh Risks

By IBTimes AU

The question "To cut or not to cut the penis's foreskin" would get another round of debate anew in the medical community as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued on Tuesday draft guidelines on circumcision. (Dec 04)