Articles by Timothy Geithner

  • Obama’s Second Term Cabinet is without the Familiar Names, Faces

    November 12 2012 5:09 PM

    U.S President Barack Obama is headhunting following clear indications that prominent members of his cabinet would opt out for a second run at the White House in the wake of their boss’ rousing victory last week.

  • Commodities: Oil’s Surge Starts To Worry

    February 27 2012 12:54 PM

    Very quickly, the rising price of oil and petrol has emerged as the most significant obstacle to the nascent recovery in global economies and markets strengthening in the next few months.

  • No End in Sight for Greek Bailout Talks

    October 07 2011 2:36 PM

    The “troika” composed of the European Union, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank have been engaged in discussions since last week regarding the rescue package for Greece but no final decisions have been consummated until now.

  • World Leaders Move Swiftly, Urgently to Curb Currency Crisis

    September 23 2011 10:37 AM

    Government leaders of Australia, Britain, Canada, Mexico and other Asian countries have called on all 17 members of the Eurozone to deal with the worsening problems of the Euro currency.

  • Australian Dollar Outlook 09/14/2011

    September 14 2011 11:07 AM

    The Australian Dollar has opened slightly weaker this morning as the FX markets continue to be driven by headlines out of Europe and the US.

  • The U.S.: Markets Wobble On Debt Ceiling/Downgrade Dangers

    July 26 2011 11:40 AM

    Markets are shaky as the American political classes show the rest of the world their irresponsibility and inability to see the bigger picture, especially the so-called Tea Party newcomers in the U.S. House of Representatives.

  • US: Greece Was Smart, Will America Follow Suit?

    July 01 2011 9:30 PM

    Greece finally found sense this week and avoided committing financial suicide, for the time being at least.

  • IMF warns of global economic distress if US falters on its credit ratings

    June 30 2011 11:39 AM

    Standard & Poor's has threatened to downgrade the U.S. sovereign rating, which is currently 'AAA', to 'D', meaning a default in the country's credit worthiness, if the government fails to honor U.S. Treasury debt payments. On this predicament, the IMF said: "At the opposite extreme, an excessively front-loaded adjustment could hurt the recovery. And a worsening of financial turmoil in European sovereign and bank debt markets could hurt U.S. growth through financial sector l...

  • US-China economic talks set next month

    April 26 2011 5:51 PM

    Top US and China economic officials will meet in Washington on May 9 and 10 for the next round of bilateral strategic and economic talks.

  • Australian Stock Market Report - Morning 04/20/2011

    April 20 2011 8:52 AM

    US housing starts rose by a larger than expected 7.2pct to a seasonally adjusted rate of 549,000 in March. New building permits advanced by a sharper than expected 11.2pct to 594,000 in March, rebounding from February´s record low.

  • Australian Stock Market Report - Morning 13/01/2011

    January 13 2011 9:34 AM

    US import prices rose by 1.1pct in December with export prices up 0.7pct.

  • Australian Stock Market Report - Morning

    November 12 2010 2:55 PM

    The group of G20 nations may agree on steps to introduce quantitative targets for macroeconomic policy targets according to Russian Finance Minster Alexei Kurdin. Targets are expected to help transition to more flexible global exchange rates.

  • Bourse ends flat as strong resources offset weak financials

    October 21 2010 9:40 PM

    The Australian share market closed flat on Thursday as stronger resource stocks offset weakness in the financials sector.

  • Daily Forex Commentary 20/10/2010

    October 20 2010 3:39 PM

    The Australian Dollar peaked at 0.9955 versus the US Dollar as traders speculated a further hike in interest rates sometime this year following the release of the Reserve Bank's minutes.

  • Beijing belies US accusations on currency policy

    June 14 2010 5:34 PM

    China took a defensive stand on its currency policy Saturday, and dismissed claims from members of the US Congress that Beijing is manipulating the yuan to prop up cheaper Chinese exports, resulting to massive job losses and factory closures in the United States.

  • US calls on China to allow the appreciation of Yuan

    June 07 2010 4:48 PM

    US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has called on China to allow its currency to appreciate and take its true form, integrating the policy to a much wider economic reform that would free up Beijing from too much dependence on exports and encourage domestic demands for its products.

  • China maintains currency policy as bilateral talks with US nears

    May 20 2010 9:23 PM

    China maintained its hard-line stand against revaluing the Yuan amidst longstanding pressures from the US and Europe and instead pointed fingers on the soaring American debt levels, which Beijing described as possible source of more and graver economic concerns.