Top Ways How to Get Android L User Experience on Your Android Smartphone Without Rooting

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There are several ways to get Android L user experience on your Android device and it includes the new notification, new stock keyboard and new boot animation and new theme for Sony Xperia models. Most of these apps do not require root access and can be installed normally.

Android L Notifications

Heads Up notification app from Android L replicates the stock notification function of the new firmware. It features a pop-up notification on the display screen which can be configured and set whitelist for certain apps users do not want to be covered by Heads Up. Android devices should have Android 4.3 Jelly Bean version or higher in order to run the application.

-          Set notification pop-up on screen as indefinite or disappears after a specific time.

-          Whitelist for apps users do not want to be covered by Heads Up.

-          Open application by single or double tap.

-          Ignore silent notifications.

-          Show notifications on full screen mode or otherwise.

-          WhatApps notifications compatible.

-          Reposition of the notification pop-up.

XDA senior member Dr.Alexander_Breen posted the app at the forum for free but anyone who desires to support him can donate by purchasing the app from the Google Play Store for $0.99. For users who wanted to try it out first before buying, click here for the Heads Up original thread.

For users with Android devices running Android KitKat and Xposed Framework, a module is available from XDA recognised developer MohammadAG. Click here for the official thread of Heads Up Notifications.

Android L Keyboard

Stock keyboard of Android L has been posted by developer Shen Ye at the Google Play Store and downloadable for free. It features most of the standard goodies from Android L such as swipe gestures, personal dictionary, multiple languages, voice command, suggestions and more.

In addition to the keyboard functions, Shen Ye is also working on other default functions of Android L keyboard such as theme support. Currently the app holds material, white and blue themes but some users may only use material theme depending on the OS version.

Android L keyboard supports any Android device running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher.

Sony Xperia Android L Experience

For Sony Xperia users, there are two exclusive apps which port the boot animation and theme of Android L version.

1.      Xperia Theme - XDA member JanM RS posted the Android L theme to Xperia Theme feature for Sony Xperia devices. It requires Android 4.4.2 KitKat to get the full effect such as new soft key buttons. Android 4.3 Jelly Bean running devices will only receive the home and lock screen wallpaper. Another version exists which require root access allow Android 4.3 devices to get the full effect.

2.      Boot Animation - Posted by XDA recognised contributor Levered which has been on Xperia SP smartphone. It requires root access and correct permission in order to work properly. Move the file to "system/media" with correct permission: (rw- r- r-).

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