Top Things Robert Pattinson Will Miss in Australia Now that He’s Back with Kristen Stewart [PHOTOS]

Robert Pattinson Will Miss Australia After Filming ‘The Rover’ and Here are the Top Reasons Why


British-born Robert Pattinson has been spotted out and about with longtime girlfriend, Kristen Stewart in Los Angeles following his return from filming The Rover Australia early this week. While he was described “getting loved-up with Kristen” following their much-anticipated reunion,” the Twilight actor sure misses Down Under.

Why wouldn’t he? Read on and check out the top five things Robert will miss about Australia.

1. Food and wine. Robert loves to dine that comes with food and wine. While filming The Rover in the Southern Australia, Robert was documented in several occasions, posing with fans as reports had earlier claimed. IBTimes-AU later finds out that these fans are actually restaurant personnel who couldn’t let the opportunity pass up for having Robert as their patron without having any memento for their priceless moment.

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We knew where Robert Pattinson was when Kristen Stewart was hobbling her way to The Oscars 2013 because a photo of him with an Aussie waitress, as can be seen here, emerged on the net. Robert was dining at a restaurant in Outback Australia while Kristen was limping her way to The Oscars 2013 red carpet photo line and on stage to present with Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe the best production design award won by Lincoln.

Robert Pattinson with a nice, Aussie restaurant personnel.

2. Australians’ warm and friendly smile And yes these could be enthralling as an experience for someone who has been surrounded by throngs of papparazis and people who have always been “business as usual” with him and Kristen. While this is part of his job, Rob has been captivated by the “real warmth” of Aussies Down Under. He has never shunned anybody who had come to him for photos and to have just had a can of beer with while waiting for the production crew to set up props for action-packed scenes for The Rover.

While everyone was waiting for him to take a break from filming and spend quality time with Kristen on Valentine’s day, a teen described him as a nice one, carrying his guitar with some drinks in his hands. If Robert is not comfortable around Australians’ kindness and friendliness, no one would come as close as to tell the beer he was drinking on loVe-Day.

Robert also expressed his love for the locals through the production crew members whom he made sure he would not leave Australia without spending quality time with.

“We heartedly thank EVERYONE in Quorn for their extraordinary patience, hospitality and cooperative help and hard work with our shoot of the Rover,” Liz Watts, producer of The Rover and the film director, David Michod, said in an excerpt from the joint letter written to the officials and members of the community in the southern part of Australia.

“We certainly couldn’t have done it without everyone’s assistance, and the hospitality shown to us has been invaluable. Everyone working with us has been fantastic to deal with and our locals on the crew have been wonderful and generous with the vital local knowledge,” Watts and Michod continued in the joint statement, extending the gratitude expressed both by Rob and Guy.

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Robert Pattinson with co-star Guy Pearce and Aussie director and actor, Samuel Johnson

3. Arts, music and film festivals Australia is one place for festivals and Adelaide, which served as Robert’s home for nearly seven weeks is no exception. The actor was spotted in the annual Adelaide Fringe festival and in another, previous festivities.

A day before the Oscars, the IBTimes-AU found out that the Bel Ami star took a break from work for the drama film and had gone checking out arts at Australia’s Adelaide Fringe, an annual open-access arts festival currently ongoing in Australia.

A fan tweeted: “Here's u rumour: Robert Pattinson takes a break from filming The Rover to check out @lordsofluxury at the @adelaide_fringe #theymustbegood.”

Another fan, a blond this time, tweeted describing Robert whom she met at another festival in late January.

"I'm touring with the big day out festival in Australia and he's here. Chilled out bloke. Think he was stoned ha!!" the Aussie fan was quoted as saying, by The Stir, in another report by IBTimes-AU.

We know that Robert loves music. Not only can he play the guitar, he also surprised us with his skills in playing the piano at The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. He and Kristen both love going to concert and the annual Adelaide fringe and other festivals like the first Adelaide festival this year offered exactly that: the rock concerts and films featured in the festival and other art forms that helped this year’s festivities break sales records.

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Robert Pattinson with Aussie blond, Alexandra

4. “Mastering the art of off-road driving in the Outback.” Next to his guitar, Robert has found a new best friend while filming The Rover in the northern part of Adelaide, Australia - - cars and many of them. His role in the film is Reynolds, the younger brother of Guy Pearce, who plays Eric who enjoins Robert to go after a gang of criminals who stole Eric’s priced possesion: his car.

That said, it goes without saying that Robert had his hands dirty tinkering with cars. And driving in Outback Australia is one thrill that Robert will sure miss Down Under now that he’s back in LA. He’d miss the potential “deadliness of the outdoors” that would not have been impossible if you’re shooting action-packed scenes (and pretty sure lots of car chases) in the middle of the vastness of the Australian desert.

Robert will miss the rough roads and the anticipation of reaching smooth paved thoroughfares after hours of being behind the wheel on rough, dirt roads. Not to mention driving for hundreds of kilometers without passing or seeing any single car. The strange sights at the road houses particularly in the Northern part of Australia is something only Robert could enjoy as he sees them with his own eyes. The feelings it has given him could be priceless and don’t be surprise if he gets back in the remote north with her equally adventure and tomboy girfriend, Kristen. Nothing beats than doing it with loved ones.

“The set really is in the middle of nowhere, a good drive from Adelaide, so it's been the ideal setting for him to forget all his troubles and bury himself in his work,” the source said as quoted in a separate report by IBTimes-AU.

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Robert Pattinson at the Australian Outback. Photo from

5. Peace and quiet Australia can give 'After filming, Robert's been keen to socialise with the cast and crew and loves being in the outback, away from city life. It's the peace and quiet he has needed since his relationship woes with Kristen, and the perfect way to re-evaluate things,” this has been claimed of Robert by an unnamed source who talked to before the actor flew back to LA from Down Under.

The actor has been reported “nervous” going back to LA with Kristen after the two-months separation (because of work and not to re-evaluate their relationship as reports had claimed). There could however have some truth to Robert wanting for some peace and quiet.

Robert and Kristen, as asserted by Twilight author, Stephenie Meyer is one Hollywood couple with so much need for privacy and she compared and contrasted Robsten with other celebrity couple who could actually enjoy being followed by paparazzis and be under close scrutiny by members of media.

Speaking with UK’s The Times to promote her upcoming book that was also adapted into film, The Host, Meyer noted that the relationship of the celebrity couple have been under media’s public scrutiny because of the characters Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, whom she created in her book.

"Here's the thing: there are some actors who are looking to be world famous, to be that household name, and although they might discover that there are a lot of negative things involved in that, it's what they want," Meyer tells U.K.'s The Times, according to The Huffington Post as noted by IBTimes-AU in a separate report.

Meyer pointed out that Robert and Kristen are not any ordinary spotlight-seeking celebrity couple in Hollywood and she continued, "But that doesn't apply to Kristen and Rob."

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Robert Pattinson at the Australian Outback. Photo from

Known as Australia’s “invicible city,” Adelaide could be a place for the Twilight lovers who could be wanting to get away from it all as they get reunited for the first time after seven weeks.

The overwhelming vastness of Australia and the country’s huge and wide horizon could offer Robert the peace and quiet that he and Kristen have been longing for. And this peace and quiet is one thing that Rob would miss in the bustle and hustle in Hollywood, Los Angeles where he shares a lovenest with his Kristen.

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