Top Things Kristen Stewart Must Do when Pregnant with Robert Pattinson’s Baby [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

What should Kristen Stewart Do when she Gets Pregnant with Robert Pattinson’s Baby


Kristen Stewart must look after herself when she gets pregnant while Robert Pattinson is filming in Australia. Rumors of Kristen’s pregnancy mushroomed on the web early this week while Robert is on his third week on location at the West Australian outback, filming for his latest project, “The Rover.”

Kristen remained indoor at the Twilight lovers’ crib they share in Los Angeles. And she is all by herself dealing with the early stage of pregnancy - - should the rumors turn out to be true.

A separate report by IBTimes-AU noted some reasons why Kristen could be pregnant: the reported incessant phone calls prompting critics to call her clingy; less public appearance; loose clothing; not going anywhere without Robert and clamoring for more attention; and yes, craving for food and loving it.

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Pregnancy could be very difficult for Kristen, or any woman for that matter. The International Business Times – Australian Edition has here come up with top things Kristen must do when she gets pregnant with Rob’s baby.

1. Read some books

Kristen has admitted she loves reading. And having a baby is the perfect time for her to spend it on leafing those books she hasn’t read. She loves literature as she admitted in an interview. It would be good for Kristen to check out great collections of Greek mythologies but at the same time, taking some time reading books for children.

 "I want to go to college for literature. I want to be a writer. I mean, I love what I do,” Kristen once said in an interview.

She should also add in her collections some materials on pregnancy. This is going to be her first and with her loving boyfriend, Robert and like marriage, the first baby is always the hardest.

2. Listen to music

Reading her favorite books could be made perfect while an array of good songs is playing on her player. An earlier report by IBTimes AU noted that she loves listening to songs by Ellie Golding. She even went out of her way listening to Golding’s songs at the recent concert held in Los Angeles before Grammys 2013.

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But aside from Ellie Golding’s music, Kristen must add into her collection a number of classical songs. Mozart is best known as perfect for the baby - - before and after the child is born. Studies shows that it helps them develop an oustanding logical thinking and it makes them really good in analysis, mathematics and many other disciplines. The celebrity couple would be very happy to have a smart, Robsten baby, wouldn’t they?

3. Eat healthy food. This comes on top of the totempole of Kristen’s to-do-list when she gets pregnant with Rob’s baby. By healthy, this writer means having the right kind of food, taken in moderately. Kristen should stock a lot of oranges and apples on her dining table.

This is the best time for Kristen to stay away from coffee and other alcoholic drinks, not to mention smoking. Though the actress has never been seen holding beer in public, the “On the Road” star must never touch nor even take a single sip of Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay, or any of her favorite wine. Kristen was quoted by the Huffington Post as “always want[ing] something in her mouth,” referring to a smoke she admitted having occasionally. But if the pregnancy rumors are true, then Kristen should quit smoking once and for all.

4. Enrol to a pregnancy fitness program Kristen Stewart has recently been reported working out in preparation for her upcoming films, particularly “The Big Shoe,” which she will star with another English actor, Jim Sturgess.

With reports of her pregnancy, this workout routine is what K-Stew should continue doing not just for the baby, but also for her to remain fit. This writer suggests that she should want to look into the ways Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr did it when she had baby Flynn.

Miranda Kerr stepped out surprisingly stunning just few months after she gave birth and the Victoria’s Secret supermodel hit the runway in Paris like no Flynn came out of her. And Kerr’s secret, yoga. This could be good for Kristen, too.

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5. Have more Skype dates with Robert The “Speak” star has reportedly been keeping the love alive between her and English beau, Robert through regular skype sessions. Though reports have it that phone calls and online dates are not enough to save the Twilight love since left for Australia to film “The Rover,” Skype is what the celebrity couple have to share the early stage of pregnancy.

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Thru features offered by Skype, Kristen can show Robert her growing belly, the food she eats and she can even let Robert tune in to the classical songs Kristen is playing for the baby. This is the best way to go and they should do it more often.

The top five things enumerated by this writer will sure be a big help for Kristen as she deals with the early part of the pregnancy of her first baby with Robert Pattinson. The actress however, has barely less than three weeks left and she will be reunited with Rob again at the early part of March - -even before he finished filming “The Rover” in Adelaide, Australia.

Want to see how Kristen Stewart may look like when she gets pregnant with Robert Pattinson’s baby? Start the SLIDESHOW and Scroll down and check out the VIDEO below.

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