Top Ten Naked Male Celebrities: From David Beckham to Robert Pattinson [PHOTOS]

David Beckham Nabs the Top Ten Naked Male Celebrity Followed by Robert Pattinson


David Beckham nabbed the top naked male celebrity followed by English heartthrob Robert Pattinson in a recent survey conducted by a U.K-based website for an upcoming event featuring Europe’s biggest male group.

The most recent poll carried out by showed that Beckham’s athletic body has struck a lot of chords to respondents following the series of semi-naked Armani and H&M advertising campaigns that he appeared into.

The popular footballer, also announced as the richest footballer this year, has proven that a man with four kids and a beautiful wife can also look good and be recognized as such like he does.

Robert Pattinson came close to the second top naked male celebrity in the survey for a racy scene in Cosmopolis (2012) as Eric Packer, a 28-year old billionaire who had ridden accross Manhattan in a stretch limo to get a haircut (and stripped in the process while doing a hot, sexy scene) with co-star Juliette Binoche as Didi Fancher.

Coming third in the survey is British TV personality, Piers Morgan. Topping the third naked male celebrity has come as a big surprise to many for the outspoken TV host. His naked self caught attention of many when he appearing naked in the 2009 advertisement for Burger King to promote a scent called Flame. Morgan was clearly naked with only a velvet rug covering his manhood.

The surprise for Piers’s inclusion in the top naked male celebrity was summed up by’s Wink Bingo head, Mickey Elimelech.

"We agree that Beckham is a huge front runner in the strip tease department. Wink Bingo is all about giving you a little bit of what you fancy, but we must admit that Piers Morgan was surprise," Mickey was quoted as saying by The Sun.

Michael Fassbender was named the fourth naked male celebrity after stripping and allowing a full-frontal shot without inhibition for his performance in Shame.


Olympic diver, Tom Daley came fifth, followed by Mark Wahlberg for dropping his pants for Calvin Klein ads. In seventh is Jamie Foxx for his nude appearances in Django Unchained. Coming close to foxx is another movie naked appearance by hot and sexy Channing Tatum in Magic Mike. This is not a surprise though for Tatum having been named as the Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine early this year. Christiano Ronaldo came ninth for his Armani undies campaign and former Towie star Mark Wright rounded off the top ten naked male celebrity for posing sexy in Cosmopolitan.

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