Top Ten Best Dressed Men by 2013 Glamour UK: From Robert Pattinson, Prince Harry, Harry Styles to Ian Somerhalder [PHOTOS]

Here are Hollywood’s Most Gorgeous, 2013 Best Dressed Men by Glamour UK


Kristen Stewart’s British-born beau, Robert Pattinson, has topped this year’s Best Dressed Men by Glamour magazine. A former model before he made his way to becoming one of the most popular actors of his generation in Hollywood, Robert has impressed the respondents who participated in the latest survey conducted by the English magazine.

Despite the rugged looks Robert has been sporting since his return from Australia in mid-March, supporters and respondents alike still think Kristen’s beau is way too hot, earning him the title as 2013’s Glamour UK’s Best Dressed Man. The 2009 Time magazine’s highest paid Hollywood actor outshined equally hot and sexy male celebrities including the Royal charmer, Prince Harry, David Beckham and young English singer, Harry Styles.

Robert has been confirmed as the new face of Dior and fans can expect to see him more in hot Dior male ensemble as the racy ad campaign hits the market sometime this month. He has also looked sharp in Gucci, the one he used at the Cosmopolis premiere in New York City last year. Robert also didn’t disappoint in an icy gray, Burberry suit at the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, held in Berlin, Germany, last year. Robert’s looks in Dolce & Gabana at the Madrid’s premiere of the Twilight’s final installment, had also done him good, and proved that indeed Rob, is one Best Dressed Man.

Nabbing the second spot is the Royal charmer, Prince Harry. The Huffington Post described him as one with “good fashion sense.” From his military uniform to formal suit, the Royal debonair always impresses with “sleek, classic style.” Assos Fashion Finder describes his style as “ preppy, outdorsy style,” a style believed to have contributed to have earned him as the second best dressed man.

Third in line is Taylor Lautner, Robert’s co-star and nemesis in Twilight series. Taylor however, again failed to steal the honor of being the best dressed, as he “failed to steal Bella’s heart” on Twilight. His All-American, preppy-chic style has earned the hunk, and buffy Taylor. He has always been seen in Calvin Klein Collection in some of his appearances for the film.

While David Beckham kept the title as the 2013 No. 1 Best Naked Male Celebrity, followed by Robert Pattinson, the English footballer and the face of Armani, failed to outnumber Robert in the title for the Best Dressed Man of 2013 by Glamour –UK. Victoria’s man comes fourth on the top ten list.

Rounding off the top five of this year’s Top Ten Best Dressed Men by Glamour UK is Zaf Efron. Next to Zac is another hunk and sexy The Notebook star, Ryan Gosling, followed by Tom Hiddleston, Johnny Depp, Harry Styles and Iam SomerHalder.

Check out the photos and check out this year’s Top Ten Best Dressed Men by Glamour – UK.


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