Top Surprising Features Of iOS 8

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iOS 8
Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces the IOS 8 operating system during his keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California June 2, 2014. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith Reuters

When Tim Cook announced the iOS 8, it was apparent that the company will be gunning for a new platform. It will not just be a platform that offers more improved features than the iOS 7. While beta versions may not seem to offer much design changes, there are several features which will definitely entice a lot of users into updating to the platform.

Better App Store

The App Store has seen some criticism in its 6 years even if it has been functioning fine. Because it is so large, it is hard to keep everyone happy. The iOS 8 has updated it to make it better and more accessible. First of all, the icons are bigger and the items are spaced better. It has also addressed one of the biggest complaints, which is discoverability.

With the new OS, looking for new apps in the App Store is easier. There is a new button, "explore", that combines the buttons from before into one area with categories and sub-divisions. Also, the search button can show you a list of trending searches without typing anything. Once you type something, the App Store displays a list of items related, improving app discovery.

Predictive Texting

According to Fast Co Labs, there will be a row of words that appear right above the keyboard. This is really handy when it comes to replying to text messages. There is a quick-type feature that lets you put in a few letters and will predict the word that you are typing. Surely many people will ignore it because they are used to typing the entire words, and may find it faster to do it the traditional way. This really becomes useful when it comes to replying to messages.For example, a person will ask another individual if he or she wants to go out for dinner or go see a movie, the choices will be pre-populated. This will make it easier for the user to reply, and will no longer require them to type their reply. The predictive element will also allow for tailored responses based on how you speak to different contacts like your parents, kids, or friends.

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