The Top Super Bowl 2013 Commercials [VIDEOS]

Super Bowl 2013 : Highlights of this Year’s $40-M Ads


While Beyonce’s lip-synched inaugural performance has reportedly fuelled more audience to tune in at Super Bowl 2013, the $40-million commercials are expected to draw in millions audience, each glued to see which ads will stand out at this year’s sport’s event.

As San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens battle on the ground at the much anticipated kick-off of football season this year, so are America’s biggest companies with their new commercials.

The game is on, with a staggering $40-million per 30 seconds spots during the game -- with analysts claiming more viewers are likely to tune in this year following Beyonce’s “The Star Sprangled Banner” mishap at President Obama’s inauguration two weeks ago.

Fox News reported that 28 commercials are confirmed to get the audience attention, hoping that the viewers will remember them and that the social media will capture the highly produced spots.

"What we see on the night of the game is really important," Fox News quoted Kelly O'Keefe, professor at the Virginia Commonwealth University Brandcenter.

Watch the VIDEO for sneak peeks of the commercial ads to watch out for during Superbowl 2013.

1. Audi Titled, “Prom,” Audi chose to showcase a quite “insecure teenager” who is very unhappy going to the prom without a date. But everything changes when his Dad lent him his Audi S6 for the night, making him a whole new man as he stepped in to the ballroom.

2. Coca-Cola The ads shows a three-member team (cowboy, showgirls, Badlanders) racing through a desert to try to reach a giant bottle of Coke first.

3. Toyota The car company opts for an ad led by “Big Bang Theory” star, Kaley Cuoco. It shows the star listening to Skee-Lo “I Wish”. With her job in the sequence as granting wishes, a part is shot with a rabbit holding a bat when she wishes to have one.

4. Skechers The shoe company chose a Discover-Channel type of sequence according to Christian Monitor - - at least until a human wearing shoe races appear in the scene.

5. Volkswagen Volkswagen produced a 30-second video of collection of internet videos, showing people melting down. These include a girl getting emotional thinking of her cat and a golf player whacking the ground with a golf club.

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