Top Signs Many Have Been Staying In Australia For Quite Some Time

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Australia Day has just arrived. There's nothing better to talk about but how it is to be a genuine Aussie. So what makes the Aussie unique? made an interesting report on how an avid traveler named Anthony the Travel Tart came up with a list for tourists who have stayed too long in the land of Down Under. They themselves have somehow transformed to become Aussies-like. Here are some of the most interesting about Aussies from the list:

1. You already add Aussie original expressions like 'eh,' 'mate,' and 'hey' to any of your daily sentences.

2. You discover other great beach Down Under aside from Bondi Beach.

3. You suddenly make things a required part of your fashion.

4. Bali does not seem to be an exotic destination anymore.

5. You start liking Vegemite even when you used to hate it.

6. Attending Cockroach Races a normal way to celebrate Australia Day.

7. You don't become too scared anymore of spiders and snakes.

8. You find yourself sending odd gifts to your friends and relatives.

9. You get too bored of the sun that you wish for some rain to come.

10. You now know how to distinguish the Australian accent from the New Zealand accent.

11. Beer becomes a regular and important part of your diet.

12. Your relatives think you sound like an Aussie each time you call them since they don't understand any single word you say.

13. You realize that Aussie soapies do not depict the realistic life of Australians.

14. You would want to go shop for clothes in America than in Australia.

15. Your level of sarcasm has become tenfold.

Buzzfeed also came up with a humorus article that talked about foreigners living in Australia as students and how to tell you've been Down Under. All these and more are interesting reads to get ready for the patriotic event of Australia Day.

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