Top Reasons that causes Divorce in the US

Top Reasons for US Children's Agony
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Family is the most easy and fragile dream that can perish any time. It is caused by death or divorce that shakes each member of the family especially the children who will be suffering the most. Either the mother or the father gets married again, the condition of children becomes pathetic and they were reached in a status of dilemma to choose between their parents. In some cases, female children are most affected because they are more sensitive and emotional than male children. They even becomes the step-father's enemy that sometimes will result to molestation.

If a mother is not thinking about the future of her daughter or simply because of her own selfishness, she usually gives up her husband for simple reasons and bring another man in their home. Even if how good or nice the step-father is, still many children who are in a family condition like this may be living with utter fear and hatred. They cannot concentrate either on their studies or enjoy their life smoothly. It also take them to the new relationships without proper judgement of the new man's character who entered in to their life as a savior. Single partnership is always appreciable in a family life; it assures comfortable life to the children.

1. The female children growing up with improper family care seems to have difficulty in managing their own family and their husband. They easily get provoked and disturbed with any rude situation that they are facing. Arguments that are not necessary and infidelity are serious reasons that causes divorce. At the same time, good communication is important to share the expected things needed to be done from both side.

2. The role of the father is also very important in a family. If the children does not have proper care and guidance, it may lead a fearless life and may likely to suffer financial unrest.

3. Financial instability and domination over the personal interest of the partner may also be a major reason for divorce. If the wife is more talented than the husband and restricts her from highlighting her talents, it may also lead to the division of family.

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