Top Reasons of a Blind Patriarch Runs 11,000 Miles

Major Factors of a Blind Patriarch Runs to Raise
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David Kuhn is a 62-year-old retired patriarch running around the US to help his granddaughter Kylie who is suffering from cystic fibrosis. It is an autosomal recessive genetic disorder that mostly affects the lungs, pancreas, liver and intestine.

Below, you can follow the top reasons for his run.

1. He needs to support his 12 years old granddaughter. But his mission is not only for his granddaughter but for all who are suffering with the same illness. He started running last May and covering 20 miles each day.

2. He wants to support both foundation fighting blindness and for pediatric cancer research.

3. On the 75th day of his running mission, last Wednesday August 13, Kuhn reached Minnesota and added 20.16 miles for the total of 1,380.33 miles. As of Tuesday, August 19 he had raised $5,000. "I am running around the perimeter states of the United States, approximately 11,000 miles for my granddaughter who is having cystic fibrosis. She is 12 yearsold," Kuhn said.

4. Last may he set out the journey that he called "It's all I can do". He tells this as an effort to raise the money and create awareness to the public and to help people with illness having crippled lung disease.

5. The most highlight in his mission is when Kuhn was challenged by his own blindness. He said his one good eye is like peering through waxed paper. That is why he likes to run with the partner or like at a very least on high school tracks like at Champlin-Park High School.

6. He has no fear and he wants to live for his granddaughter moreover to extend her life to the maximum. Also he does this for the wellbeing of all individuals with cystic fibrosis. "That is my aim", he said.

7. Kuhn starts his run from Seattle and uses a runner's GPS watch to calculate his covered kilometers and to look forward to the kilometers he need to finish. He says his Garmin follows the track details of his miles and as far as the track that he keeps on focusing on the white lines. 

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