Top Liberian Doctor Dies of Ebola Virus in West Africa

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Health workers take blood samples for Ebola virus
Health workers take blood samples for Ebola virus testing at a screening tent in the local government hospital in Kenema, Sierra Leone, June 30, 2014. Reuters

The deadly Ebola virus outbreak which affected over 670 people in West Africa is now taking its toll on doctors.  Government officials revealed on Sunday that a top Liberian doctor had died due to the Ebola virus contagion and another US health worker got infected with the disease.

According to the report from All Africa, Dr. Samuel Brisbane died on Saturday after he felt ill while treating Ebola patients at the John F. Kennedy (JFK)  Memorial Medical Center in Monrovia, Liberia.

Dr. Brisbane was the Chief Medical Doctor at the JFK Hospital, the largest hospital in Liberia. He was a former medical adviser to ex-Liberian president Charles Taylor. He had also served as a Chief Medical Doctor at the Firestone Rubber Plantation Hospital also in Liberia.

The Web site further stated that Dr. Brisbane initially opted for home treatment so avoid the viral contagion to other people but when his illness worsened he was brought to the ELWA hospital at the outskirts of the city where serious cases of Ebola virus were treated by the Samaritan group.

Dr. Brisbane was occasionally vomiting while he was quarantined at the hospital until his death on Saturday. Family members accompanied the burial of Dr. Brisbane's body with the supervision of health workers.

Meanwhile, The Guardian reported that an American physician had been the second victim of the Ebola virus. Dr. Kent Brantly was helping in the response to the Ebola virus outbreak in Liberia when he felt ill.

According to Melissa Strickland, a spokeswomen for the North Carolina-based medical charity Samaritan's Purse, Dr. Brantly was receiving intensive medical care in a hospital in Monrovia and is already in a stable condition.

"We are hopeful, but he is certainly not out of the woods yet," said Strickland.

As of July 25, 2014 update, the World Health Organization reported 96 new cases and 7 casualties of Ebola virus between July 21- 23, 2014 from Liberia and Sierra Leone while 12 new cases and 5 deaths were reported in Guinea. There were already a total of 814 cases and 456 deaths reported in the three countries since the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa.

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