Top Justin Bieber VS Manny Pacquiao Memes [PHOTOS]

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If there is one thing hoards of mad fans can do, it is to even. The exact case may be said to enraged Filipino fans of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao who had been mocked publicly by Canadian crooner, Justin Bieber.

Bieber might have crossed the line a bit too far this time and leave it to Filipinos to get even. Manny might have his own "knocked-out" memes but Justin too has his own share. Check them all out here.

In Hollywood, it's normal for fans to wage war against other fans and also for celebrities to fight against other celebrities. However, if it becomes a fight between fans and one celebrity, things can become pretty rough and un-pretty.

Last Sunday, Manny Pacquiao had faced off Juan Manuel Marquez to what the Philippine nation described the fight of the year. However, in a surprising and shocking turn of events, Manny had lost to Marquez in the 6th round and the champion had been knocked unconscious.

Of course, leave it to Justin Bieber, a well-known supporter of Mayweather, to mock Manny's lost publicly on the photo and social networking site, Instagram. The 18-year old singer had posted two photos of Manny Pacquiao with mocking captions. The first photo was of Manny being woken up by Simba of "The Lion King". The caption read: "Wake Up Dad."

Another edited photo created by the singer was Pacman beside Michael Jackson with the caption that read, "Manny doing the MJ lean." While this could have passed off as a simple joke, Filipino fans were the least bit amused. Rather than apologizing, Justin Bieber had stated his "true" fans would not leave him due to a boxing comment.

Being the rude and boastful celebrity that he is, Bieber has now received tons of back-lash from Filipinos of which include those who used to be "Beliebers." The noon time show, "Showtime" had managed to make a hilarious meme of Justin Bieber being punched by Pacman of which has over a million retweets and favorites on Twitter.

A lot of other memes mocking the Canadian crooner have also popped up on the web. This just proves that if one messes with one Filipino, the whole country follows suit. Justin Bieber had better issue that public apology now because news is he is set to being banned in the Philippines - all thanks to a "simple" boxing comment.

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