Top Health Issues about the Consumption of Noodles

Top Issues with Instant noodles
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Instant noodles are easy to cook and cheaper in price. Everyone does love it for its convenience, but studies revealed that it increases the chance of the consumer having heart diseases and stroke. This kind of food is also considered as a junk food. Based on the survey conducted by the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination, The Journal of Nutrition, reveals about the health issues connected with the noodles and other processed foods. They published the result after conducting a study in 10,711 adults between the ages of 19-64.

Here are some major issues about the use of Instant noodles regularly:

1. Over consumption or two to three times a week usage of noodles can create higher prevalence of metabolic syndrome in women. Metabolic syndrome consists of high blood pressure, chronic blood sugar, over accumulating abdominal fat and abnormal cholesterol risk; it can lead to heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

2. The study also revealed that there are many differences between the male and female sex hormones and metabolism when it comes to the consideration of noodle's consumption. It was said that males have a less chance of infection to these kind of conditions.

3. A chemical that was found in styrofoam containers called bisphenol a (BPA), which can negatively influence female metabolism. Studies indicate that BPA can affect the body's hormones, especially with female sex hormone called estrogen, Shin said in a statement. Shin is also working with clinical cardiology.

4. Baylor from the University Medical Center in Texas also said that the study can influence us to consume what type of food we can add to our daily meal and the necessity of avoiding junk foods. But avoiding doesn't mean that we should not eat anymore those kind of foods, but we have a term called in moderation to follow.

5. The research findings will help the people be aware about the risk of noodles. So far, people consumed this without knowing the risk factors that contain this kind of food. They expect this study to be a foundation to the future studies regarding noodle consumption and will expect people to ban the junk food like this and add more nutritious food.

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