Top Five Reasons Why Microsoft Fans Dumped Google Docs for Office Online

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Working with office documents online will likely bring you and your friends to Google Docs. This web service from Google serves a lot of purpose pretty well since February 2006, when it was integrated into the main Google apps.

For 2014, it is about to give Office Online suite of Microsoft a try and let it shine. What users usually talk about Google Docs is, it seems like a light Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office online suite was buried in OneDrive interface and now it is revamped and launched on its Web site. Below are five reasons why Office Online should be used instead of Google Docs according to Windows Phone Central:

1.      Allows collaboration

Working on projects would at least have your teammates know how to use Google Docs and Google Drive. Office Online is more known to your colleagues. The point is you are collaborating in a familiar environment and do not have to worry about tech details or teaching your co-workers of anything new. Office Online works and looks exactly like the familiar Office versions lately, plus collaboration abilities conducive to teamwork. Changes are done in real time.

2.      Can sync documents with OneDrive

Using Office online will save your documents to your OneDrive folder and immediately sync it with your new computer either if it is a Mac or a Windows PC. Windows 8 has tight integration into the online cloud storage of Microsoft. It even makes OneDrive more upfront than the local storage in Windows Explorer.

Thus, Office Online ensures your files are updated and available for your devices. One could use Google Drive in Google Docs but it does not have the same tight OS integration.

3.      Expandable with Office 365

Office Online is a great Microsoft offline suite that can be upgraded if desired. Adding a subscription of Office 365, your access can be expanded on the online services of Microsoft. Google Docs has no upgradable solution, making you stuck with an Office lighter version.

4.      It seems like Microsoft's Office version, not real editor

It brings the power of the Office suite to the Internet with absolutely free price. Just login to the Office Online site and you can access OneNote Online, Word Online, Excel Online and PowerPoint Online. The service comes free and that makes it better than anything, even better than Office offline version, and give Google Docs users a fresh air.

5.      Works best with Microsoft products that you use daily

Office Online perfectly fits into the Microsoft ecosystem, allowing all your devices to play along. Google Docs needs to wait for an official app to hit any Microsoft designed platforms.

Google Docs is a good solution and it has been useful to business persons, students and many others. However, the introduction of Office Online made it nonsense to just stick with a weaker online Office suite in 2014.  Office Online is a free Microsoft Office version that is accessible everywhere with OneDrive that gives an automatic backup of your files.

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