Top Female Celebrities Who Smoke [PHOTOS]


It is common for celebrities to be expected to have their lives be maintained private. But still it cannot be helped that some of their habits are exposed to the public eye.

And one of these habits is smoking. Here we feature the top female celebrities who are known to be out with their smoking habits.

Lady Gaga. Yes, she is not just known for her crazy fashion sense but also for this habit. She has been seen puffing some cigarettes while at the MTV Video Music Awards. She does not seem to have any issues with it being harmful to her health. Trivia: she even smoked more than 12 cigarette sticks while making her video for 'Telephone?'

Lily Allen. This singer has this smoking habit for a long time now. This is even one of the main reasons why she got kicked out from her school. I guess she won't be the ideal model for the coming generation of youth if she would still pursue the habit.

Mary Kate Olsen. She used to be the cute girl from 'Full House,' but now she is not that cute anymore with her smoking habits exposed. It was even rumoured that she used to smoke since she was very young as she was also labelled to be one party animal.

Lindsay Lohan. Of course, Lilo would be in this list. She was even seen smoking as she was doing her community service right at the LA County Morgue. Now, when will she ever stop?

Courtney Love. This should be expected with this celebrity already. She has been seen a lot of times in public with a cigarette in her hand. She has been trying hard to kick the habit for a long time now and it seems that she is recently winning her own battles over it.

Check out the photos of these female celebrities!


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Top Female Celebrities Who Smoke [PHOTOS]

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