Top Cooling Gadgets Australians Can Use to Fight Return of Second Heatwave

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A South Australian policeman offers a drink of water to a koala at the side of the road
A South Australian policeman offers a drink of water to a koala at the side of the road in Adelaide January 16, 2014. Reuters

Australians living at the southern part of Down Under are getting ready for the arrival of the second heatwave. According to expert weather forecasters, the temperature can go up to as high as in the range of 40s in several areas of Southern Australia.

In preparation to this, total fire bans were issued in Victoria, Tasmania and other sections of the southern side of the country, ABC Net reports. In addition to this, David Davis, the health minister of Victoria, stated that it can also render a serious health effect on the residents, especially the elders.

So how to fight the popular Australian heatwave?

Herald Sun discussed several cooling gadgets in one article that can help Aussies fight the heat and stay healthy despite the very warm weather. Here are some of them:

Columbia Omni-Freeze Zero

This looks like an ordinary sports shirt, but it has the modern Xylitol technology in it. It is the same component found in chewing gums that give you that icy flavour and breath. This A$61 shirt is sure to cool you down the more you sweat. This means that the hotter you feel, the cooler the shirt will be.

Brookstone Breeze Pen

This pen certainly may look like the 90s but it can turn any day at work or in school a lot cooler with a tiny fan attached at its end. Not to mention that it is affordable at A$11.

iPhone Powered Fan

There's also the $9.95 attachable fan that you can plug straight into your iPhone. It is advisable that you use an adaptor with it since it only plugs to the 30-pin connector slot that is not anymore found in the more modern devices of Apple.

You can check out the complete listing of cooling gadgets here.

Other Practical Ways To Beat Off The Heatwave

Some practical ways to fight off the extremely warm weather is also by avoiding to use the appliances that easily produce heat especially during the hottest parts of the day. Remember too that heat rises up. So if you are fortunate enough to have a second floor in your home, stay downstairs as often as you can.

If you often sit around the house, then try soaking your feet deep in cold water, even while watching TV or reading a book. Turn even your coffee into something iced, and above all, stay well hydrated.

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