Top Celebrity Baby Names That Are Truly Weird [PHOTOS]


Names that sound weird and awkward also happen to babies of famous celebrities. They can either make you laugh or maybe make you think.

Here we feature a list of the weirdest babies given by celebrity parents to their little angels. They may be cute kids, but it cannot be denied that they have names that are not so charming.

Kyd. This is the name given by parents Tea Leoni and David Duchovny to one of their kids. It may be cute but not until he becomes an adult. Unless, he would enjoy the luxury of sounding forever young.

Zuma Nesta Rock. This is the name of the son of female rocker Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. Zuma may have been taken from a beach in Malibu; Nesta probably came from the middle name of the great Jamaican artist Bob Marley; while Rock is obvious enough with both parents being rock stars.

True. This is the name given to his daughter by Forest Whitaker. His other kids were named as Sonnet, Ocean, and Autumn. He explained that Ocean means expansive, Sonnet is more of the arts, Autumn is flighty while the last one True is being honest. So what if his next baby would be comedic - would he call the little angel as Funny?

Apple. Aside from being the name of a company and a fruit that keeps the doctor away, this is also the name of the daughter of Coldplay's Chris Martin and actress-singer Gwyneth Paltrow. When asked in one interview why they named her that, Paltrow explained that she thinks the name is "sweet and wholesome."

Pilot. How can actor Jason Lee name his little son after a term of occupation? If this is not weird enough for you, then it would probably make you laugh that the child's full name is Pilot Inspektor.

Check out more photos of these stars who have named their children in a very interestingly weird manner!


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