Top Celebrities Who Have Put An End To Tweeting

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Sinead O'Connor, the artist behind the hit song 'Nothing Compares 2 U' has been one of the most recent celebrities who closed their accounts in Twitter.

This followed the closing down of Ashton Kutcher's account after an embarrassing comment on the Penn State football scandal.

With discussions heating up as to how social media sites like Twitter can present a great advantage and disadvantage to many celebrities, more and more Hollywood stars are deciding on their own to quit the tweet. Here are some of the leading celebrities who decided to shut down their accounts used for tweeting.

Miley Cyrus. When she got together with Liam Hemsworth, she was advised by him and a very close friend to cancel her Twitter account for her own benefit. Miley back then was getting into a lot of controversies especially with leaked photos of her drinking and trying drugs spread over Twitter.

Amanda Bynes. This actress shut down her account even without informing her fans. It came to a point that she felt uncomfortable already with how easily anyone can access others' personal lives, including hers.

Sinead O'Connor. This iconic singer who wears her head bald always said that she once found Twitter fun but by the time that she feeling abused even by her own fans, she decided to quit on it as well.

LeAnn Rimes. This country singer who used to be a Twitter addict closed her own account last year of July. She got attacked a lot over at Twitter when she got caught cheating on her ex-husband. It meant a lot of tweet fights back then.

Ricky Gervais. He joined Twitter only to do running commentaries over it when he hosted Golden Globes. But after a month he quit, seeing no purpose about it.

John Mayer. This Grammy winner stopped using Twitter after he finished his concert tours. He now remains active over at Tumblr instead for some microblogging activities.

Celebrities just have to be more cautious with how they will use such social networking sites. They should use this as a way to reach out to their fan base but they should definitely keep in mind that they should spare some space for the most private parts of their lives as well, so as to not feel intruded by others.


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