Top Aussie TV Shows To Enjoy This 2012 [PHOTOS]


The leading television networks of Australia are all geared up to render the best of the best television shows this 2012.

Even if some of them still keep things about these matters confidential, we feature a quick look at the many shows that fans will surely get addicted to this year, slouching on your sofa at home.

Young Talent Time, the springboard of a lot of Aussie child stars who are now big celebrities in the industry, is back with a better format. It will be hosted by Rob Mills and its co-producing work will be handled by the show's creator Johnny Young. YTT is foreseen to be the most sought after talent show of the new year.

The new comedy 'New Girl,' which stars Zooey Deschanel, is set to make everyone laugh and cry as it deals with the story of a twenty something lady who is trying her best to move on. Many critics are taking the sitcom as the reincarnation of 'Friends.' It was Network Ten who got its and it would remind you of other US shows like 'Raising Hope' and also 'Modern Family.'

'Big Brother' is also back to make a huge difference. Despite its credibility of being a controversial show, its unbelievable ratings cannot also be denied. What the Aussies consider as the 'mother' of all reality television shows comes back to the Australian tube with a new face for a host, Sonia Kruger.

Other shows worth watching out for include the following titles:

'The Straits'

'Good Christian Bitches'


'Bike Wars - Brothers in Arms'

'Charlie's Angels'



And a lot more!


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