Top 8 Effective Alternative Smartphones vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

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Samsung Galaxy S5 boasts its dust and water-resistance, built-in heart rate monitor and fingerprint scanner features. But there are several devices that can be an effective alternative for Galaxy S5.

Here are eight of them that you need to wait for before spending your money for S5.

Apple iPhone 6

Even though you are an Android fan, you may want to take a peek with what Apple will present on iPhone 6. It will surely showcase brand new features and software similar to iPhone 5S running an iOS 7.

Google Nexus 6

Reports claimed Google may release a 6-inch handset called Nexus 6. It runs an Android OS and will also feature the next-generation Android version which Galaxy S5 doesn't have right now until Samsung releases a software update.

HTC One 2

HTC One 2 features incremental upgrades in the processor, display screen, dual camera and more based on the technology used on HTC One first-generation. If you desire premium and sophisticated Android device, wait until the company unveils the smartphone at London and New York in March 25.

LG G Flex

Although LG G Flex isn't a flagship smartphone compared to LG G2, it features a curved display or the so-called "self-healing" and better battery life. LG G Flex has 3500 mAh battery pack which is 700 higher than Galaxy S5's 2800 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

If you want to stay close with Samsung, don't forget it will release the next-generation Galaxy Note 4, which could have similar hardware features from Galaxy S5. Also, Galaxy Note 4 has better screen, faster processor, higher RAM, longer battery life and S Pen. If you compare S4 and Note 3, you will see their difference.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung upgraded the software of Galaxy S3 with several apps ported from Galaxy S4. Galaxy S4 may be the past year's flagship but it has a good set of fast processors, HD display screen, compatibility with Galaxy Gear and eligible for future firmware updates.

Sony Xperia Z2

For the anti-hazard features, Sony always delivers dust and water-resistance certification in their flagship smartphones. Xperia Z2 will be released soon and will carry several amazing camera modes such as 4K video, Timeshift video and video stabilizer.

Sony Xperia Z2 Ultra

If you like the larger screen display, get something bigger than 5.1-inch and wait for Sony Xperia Z2 Ultra. The previous year's Xperia Z Ultra features 6.4-inch of full HD display screen with Triluminos and X-Reality engines for mobile. With the current innovation of IPS LCD display on Xperia Z2 and Z2 tablet, there is a good chance Z2 Ultra will have the same hardware upgrade to bring better viewing on different angles.

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