Top 7 Android Apps With 100 Million Installs (VIDEOS)

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One of the reasons why users loves Android OS platform is the prominent availability of applications. The Android Market or now Google Play Store has been supporting thousands of apps ranging from games to business, social to utilities. And of all these apps from Google Play have been downloaded by millions of users and possibly re-downloaded again for whatever reason.

Having at least 100 million number of times downloaded from Google Play means it's so popular no matter how small or big is its size.

Here are the top 7 with 100 million Installs or more.

1.    Facebook

All smartphone users know this application and it's the mobile version of the Facebook seen in any desktop or laptop computers. It's a phenomenal social site that made Friendster change its genre and millions of users visit Facebook to see their updates from friends, families, and trending events. Facebook has more than 5M total ratings with 3.63/5 average rating.

2.    Google Maps

Definitely should be in the 100 million rank lists because it's pre-installed and can be installed using packages for custom ROMs. Maps installed in Android smartphones are almost the same with the features from the desktop version. Some changes would differ from features that require high graphics and some are only available for high-end phones. Google Maps right now is very reliable than other mobile maps out there and definitely would keep users safe from being stranded. Maps for Android has more than 2.3M total ratings with 4.37/5 average rating.

3.    WhatsApp Messenger

This is one of the best parts for a smartphone that has an Internet connection, free social feeds, free map navigation, and free SMS and calls. WhatsApp messenger allows user to send SMS as long as they are connected to any Internet source such as 3G or Wi-Fi. The app also features multimedia sending and no hidden and international costs. WhatsApp has more than 1.9M total ratings with 4.58/5 average rating.

4.    Angry Birds

Kids really love this game and adults even play this for several reasons. Its fun, it's entertaining, and it's crazy. Angry Birds have five versions available in Google Play - Angry Birds (original game), Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Space, and Angry Birds Star Wars, and it has HD version for the latest one. Angry Birds Original has more than 1.5M total ratings with 4.61/5 average rating.

5.    YouTube

YouTube has boomed since its conception and is used widely by a lot of people for entertainment, marketing, education, music, and aspects. A lot of singers and individuals have been discovered here and their careers have become global. YouTube is a pre-installed application in Android smartphones with constant update to its mobile version, and it's owned by Google. YouTube has more 1M total ratings with 4.18/5 average rating.

6.    Skype

Skype is under Microsoft, but a lot of today's user who likes video calls and live chat prefer it over the former. Skype app offers free IM and video calls even for low-end devices running Android 2.1 version. It's fast and reliable with access to rear cameras as well. Skype app has more than 850,000 of total ratings and 3.99/5 average rating.

7.    Adobe Flash Player 11

This is required for most smartphones to be able to play flash videos online. It is also used to play flash games. More and more Web sites are using "tubes" which loads flv files; that is why Flash Player is required, otherwise it will not load up. Some smartphones have pre-installed Adobe Flash Player and other devices can download this separately. Adobe Flash Player 11 has more than 700,000 total ratings with 4.29/5 average ratings.

To round up the top 10, Twitter is at number 8, Gmail at 9, and Street View on Google Maps on number 10. The ratings and statistics about these ranking apps are dynamic, meaning they can change anytime.

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