Top 5 Xbox One Exclusive Games in 2014: Halo 5, Project Spark, Fable Legends, Kinect Sports Rivals and Sunset Overdrive

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[UPDATE: Here are the top 5 PS4 exclusive games to watch out for in 2014.]

Though there have been reports that Microsoft's Xbox One has ranked second place to Sony's PS4 during the 2013 overall look at the next-gen console wars, the very lifespan of the two consoles are just at the beginning and 2014 may bring quite a number of surprises on both sides.

If there's anything notable for the Xbox One, it would have to be the fact that there are a lot of exclusives coming in, with these five being the top pick.

'Fable Legends'

There's a lot riding on "Fable Legends," and a lot of expectations for the multiple RPG. Aside from the fact that Lionhead's game is just the first season for the entire game, according to Gamerant, it also goes along a new route from the original formula of the title.

The excitement only builds up from there, since "Fable Legends" where four players can have a go at the game. Of the four players, only one can play as the bad guy, but those who are one of the do-gooders do have the choice of what class they want their character to have.

OXM adds that the villain of the four will not necessarily have to fight a 3-against-1 battle but rather have minions and hordes at his/her disposal for the heroes to fight. "Fable Legends" also have weapons, armours, hero abilities and upgrades just waiting at a player's disposal, so it's a much-awaited Xbox One title indeed.

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'Sunset Overdrive'

A quirky pick that is coming to the Xbox One is "Sunset Overdrive" from Insomniac Games. While there have been very little announcements of the game since then, the storyline already presents a very intriguing game.

Polygon reports that "Sunset Overdrive" is a shooter game where players will find that most people in the game have become mutants after a catastrophic event. What's also interesting is that the game calls for cloud capabilities for regular content and even in-depth analysis of a player's behavior in the game.

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'Project Spark'

"Project Spark" lets players create their own games, from 2-D platformers to shooter games, and share these with a community of gamers.

So far, "Project Spark" is already out for Windows 8.1, so that it will be out for the public before the introduction of the game to the Xbox One on Jan 2014, reports The Verge.

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'Kinect Sports Rivals'

The very name of the game already contains the most unique aspect of Microsoft's Xbox One and takes the improved Kinect to a whole new level of control and use.

Destructoid has already rated the game pre-season and given it a pretty good assessment. From the smart use of the d-pad for navigating the menu to the selection of sports that gamers can play just by the sensor-powered Kinect, "Kinect Sports Rivals" really takes sports gaming to a whole new level.

(Credit: YouTube/Project Spark)

"Kinect Sports Rivals" is set to debut on the Xbox One come the spring of 2014.

'Halo 5'/'Halo' for Xbox One

Almost everyone is waiting for more news on the next "Halo" game that's coming to the Xbox One. Some have speculated that it might be the "Halo 5," while there have been announcements that it's just another "Halo" game (and not necessarily the fifth installment).

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