Top 5 Tech Highlights in 2012

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The year 2012 closed its tech world with highs and lows and the New Year 2013 will present new innovations and new devices that will reach old and new markets.

Among thousands of devices released last year, there are awesome ones and there are also bummers. Here's the highlights of last year's tech highs and lows.

1.     Galaxy S3 wins over iPhone 5

These two are the flagships of two rival companies: Apple's iPhone 5 vs. Samsung's Galaxy S3. When it comes to specs and technology, it is impossible to determine which the best is. Both of their performances are significantly amazing and impressive, their hardware equipment are state-of-the-art but the downside which determined the loser is about navigation. Google Maps under Android made Galaxy S3 above iPhone 5.

2.     Windows phone goes higher

Microsoft and Nokia have made partnership with Windows Phone and led to the creation of Nokia Lumia 920 which is considered one of the best and most innovative smartphone in 2012. Another improvement is the release of Windows 8 which integrates with Windows Phone 8 devices.

3.     The Seven Inches

From smartphone devices to tablet computers, 2012 saw the release of three iPads with seven-inch screens, the Microsoft Surface, Amazon Kindles, and two Nexuses from Google. Google Nexus 7 from Asus, Kindle Fire HD from Amazon, Surface from Microsoft, and iPad mini from Apple have made significant scores in the market.

4.     Ultrabooks and all-in-one computers

The release of Windows 8 and its touchscreen features had led to the release of various all-in-one notebooks. These notebooks have touch feature that acts like tablet computers, screen shifters with capability to use the device as a computer or as a tablet, and few rare units with fold, tent, and away from keys mode for usage versatility.

5.     Thinner is better

Weight and thickness are issues to high-end devices right now and companies compete on these qualities which are considered primary device assets. Smartphone releases such as Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC Butterfly, and iPhone 5 have demonstrated the meaning of thin and light mobile devices. Tablets are also into it including Amazon's Kindle Fire HD and iPad Mini. iMac released the thinnest unit in Q4 of 2012.

With just the second day into 2013, the year appears to be just if not more exciting than last year in terms of new devices to be released in the tech market.

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