Top 5 Smartphones with Rumored Summer Release Date: From iPhone 6, 5S to Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini


A slew of smartphones is expected to arrive along with the summer heat making the market competition fiercer and more intense.

Mobile manufacturers will engage in a battle with the release of their high-end smartphones this summer. Among the companies that will release a player in the market are Apple, Samsung and Nokia.

Apple is rumoured to release the much-awaited iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S in June. However, iPhone 5 is still doing well in the market. The expensive price of the iPhone 5 may be due to the reports that the release of the next iPhones will be delayed due to a lot of reasons. Analysts claimed that Apple is facing production issues with the inclusion of new features in the device.

In line with the manufacturing issue is the sudden disappearance of two Foxconn executives directly supervising iPhone's production line.

Samsung, on the other hand, is set to unveil the miniature version of Samsung Galaxy S4. This news has been confirmed by a Samsung executive as well as the appearance of the device in the company's website.

Internet giant Google is also rumoured to release the successor of its successful LG Nexus 4 at its I/O Event next month.

Below is the list of smartphones we should wait this summer.

iPhone 6, 5S - Apple is rumoured to unveil the iPhone 6, iPhone 5S in June. Last week, Cirrus Logic Inc., which supplies audio chips for the iPhone and iPad, said sales of a particular chip are slowing down as an unnamed customer moves to a newer component.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - Samsung is purportedly gearing up for a release in late May or early June, after the Galaxy S4 has arrived. No specific dates have been mentioned yet and Samsung itself has not confirmed anything.

LG Nexus 5 - The rumoured Nexus 5 will be running the latest Android iteration out of the box, and since the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie is expected to launch in May at Google I/O, this will be the version underpinning the new flagship smartphone.

Motorola Phone X - There are rumours that Google will release its next Nexus smartphone through its sister company - Motorola. If we will not see a LG Nexus 5 next month, we may see the Motorola Phone X.

Nokia Juggernaut - Finnish manufacturer Nokia is planning to release a rival of the Samsung's upcoming phablet Galaxy Note 3. According to a source of Financial Times, the Finland-based phone maker is currently working on a big-screen smartphone, designed as a Windows Phone rival for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

However, aforementioned companies did not release any comment on the rumours surrounding their devices.

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