Top 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Confirmed Features on Release Date

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Samsung has not yet announced the official specs and features and the release date of its tablet-smartphone hybrid. But some of its possible features emerged online.

According to some sources, the phablet will follow the release of its predecessors. The handset may arrive in September. There were rumors Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will battle head on with Apple's reported phablet, which was also speculated to be launched in the same time.

Below are the top five most likely features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on release date:

QHD Screen Display

In the previous week, a benchmark listing of a handset with a model number of Samsung SM-G906S was spotted online. The device has an unknown screen size but was listed with a pixel resolution of 2560 x 1440. The model number was higher than Galaxy S5's SM-G900, which led to speculations that it was the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Samsung also announced it was working on such screen displays for its lined up devices this year.

Qualcomm 64-bit Processor

Chipset maker Qualcomm unveiled its new 64-bit Snapdragon processors, in 810 and 808 variants. Both feature built-in Category 6 Long Term Evolution (LTE) broadband support with three 20 MHz band carrier aggregation for 300 Mbps downloads. The new Snapdragons use 20 nanometer technology, and the 810 features support for 4K video with gyro-stabilized camera hardware. Image sensors up to 55 Mbps are supported by 810. This will most likely be seen in Samsung's phablet.

IP67 Certification

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be like its brother, which was released in February. The phablet will surely be waterproof and dust-resistant.

Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung Galaxy S5 was the first Samsung device to pack a fingerprint sensor. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will most likely follow the steps of its brother and pack the same sensor. Although other rumors claimed  Samsung's phablet will also be equipped with an iris scanner.

Android 5.0 Lollypop

Google will release a new version of Android operating system soon in July at the company's I/O Conference. It is most likely Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will also pack this latest mobile software.

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