Top 5 Romantic Ways To Propose On Valentine's Day


If you plan to take things ahead in your relationship, then Valentine's Day is a perfect occasion. Proposing in the most romantic day is a great idea but you have to plan well to make it memorable.

Although nothing can match up your feelings, a well-thought proposal with some creativity will give your loved-one a time to savor forever. If you  plan to propose on Heart's Day, here are some ideas to consider:

Top 5 Ideas When Proposing On Valentine's Day

1. Relive the First Date: If your first date was a perfect one, then here is your chance to relive the memories all over again with your valentine. In case it was not a perfect date, this is the chance to recreate your first date and show her that you remember every detail of the day. Remember to do early reservations if it's a fine-dining date.

2. A Fun Proposal: Proposals can become a serious affair with all the emotions pouring in. Why not surprise her with a proposal when she least expects it. One of the best ways to propose is through a treasure hunt kind of game. Set up a game with clues and locations and end it with the question. This will definitely surprise her and will sweep off your love off  in her feet.

3. In Front Of A Crowd: Many couples go out for dinner or watch a movie on Valentine's Day. Make arrangements where you are plan to take her. Managers of the restaurant or movie theater may assist you in setting up the right ambiance. If you are in a movie theater, you can ask the manager if you could propose in the interval on stage with romantic music in the background. If you are in a restaurant, you can ask the orchestra to play the right song from the moment you go down on your knee and pop the question.

4. Have Your Proposal Aired: A Valentine's Day is a perfect day to get your romantic proposal aired. Local radio stations, TV channels and newspapers are usually looking for a romantic ad on their Valentine's Day-themed program. Prepare your script and flatter them with this bold yet original way of a romantic proposal.

5. Say It When the Sun sets: Sunsets provide a very romantic background to the proposal. Take her to a place where you can enjoy the sunset in a peaceful manner and pop the question during sunset. The nature will only add to the spirit of romance. 

Some of the other romantic ways to propose to your valentine on Valentine's Day include hiring a skywriter. For a skywriting proposal, you must ensure that it is a clear day so that your message can be read by your valentine. Also, if she would like it, then you may ask for her hand in front of the family during a family dinner date. You can also plan a romantic getaway to a romantic destination where you will find several occasions and appropriate environment to propose to your valentine and ask the ultimate question.

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