Top 5 Returning TV Shows in 2014- What, When, Where-- Mad Men Season 7, Scandal Season 3, The Walking Dead and more

Also Returning are Game of Thrones Season 4 and The American Horror Story Season 3
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At the end of year 2013, most of the TV shows had taken to a winter hiatus. But with the beginning of the New Year 2014, many of the fan favorite's show will be returning to TV. By looking at the line-up of the shows, the initial few months seem exciting as some of the most anticipated shows will make a comeback. The lineup includes, Games of Throne Season 4, The Walking Dead Season 4, Scandal Season 3, American Horror Story- Coven Season 3 and more.

Here Are Top 5 Returning TV Shows- What, When and Where (Spoilers)

1.    Scandal Season 3- After more than a month long hiatus, returning to TV is Kerry Washington in role of the leading lady Olivia Pope's avatar. Since, the last episode of the show in December brought out many well concealed truths. It is time for everyone to face the consequences of the bitter truth when it is revealed. According to, Harrison is worrying about something and Mellie's and Olivia's meet up is going to receive humungous attention by the reporters. The show returns to TV on Feb. 27, 2014 on AB C channel.

2.  American Horror Story-Coven Season 3- After a month's fall break "American Horror Story-Coven" will return on Jan.8, 2014 on FX with its Season 3 Episode 10 Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks. This is a Steve Nicks cameo episode. There will be a new resident at the Academy along with another badass character named Papa Legba who is demanding "annual due."

3.  Game of Thrones Season 4- After successful three seasons, one of the most anticipated fantasy shows, "Games of Thrones" is returning with its Season 4 Episode 1 in 2014. The show will return to HBO with an entire new season that promises to showcase battle like never before to its fans and followers. The showrunner David Benioff calls the upcoming season as "a brutal shooting season." The date has not yet been announced, but it is expected that the show will return in early 2014.

4.  The Walking Death Season 4- Returning for the second half of The Walking Dead Season 4, the show promises much more action and thrill. Since the Governor is gone, the prison is not the same place anymore. And prisoners' life is bound to change. It is overrun by the walkers, a great threat lies ahead. The Walking Dead Season 4 will return to AMC on Feb.9, 2013.

5.  Mad Men Season 7- While not much is revealed about the awaited series finale of the show "Mad Men," it is greatly anticipated that the show will return for its last season, Season 7 in spring 2014 the show is split into two parts and will end in 2015. Mad Men Season 7 will consists of 14 episodes, 7 in each its two parts wherein the first part is titled "The Beginning" and the second part is titled "The End of an Era."

Besides, these top 5 shows-Scandal Season 3, America Horror Story- Coven Season 3, Games of Throne Season 4, The Walking Dead Season 4 and Mad Men Season 7-there are many more great TV shows returning this year. BBC's Sherlock season 3 returns this Jan. and Downtown Abbey Season 4 returns on Jan. 5, 2014. There are also shows like "Justified," "Community," "The Good Wife' and "Girls" returning this January.

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