Top 5 Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S3 Remains a Must-Buy Android Smartphone

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Side by side, Samsung's Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 look identical and users will only notice the difference once they get the chance to explore what's inside the guts.

By then, of course, it will be realised that the S4 tops the S3 in every respect but even when overshadowed by its fresher sibling, the latter is far from being finished. It has the chops to make a compelling buy.

And amidst the attention trained on the S4, the Galaxy S3 still packs the tools and the muscles that will satisfy buyers, especially those looking to score value-buys and cool gadgets at the same time.

Here we list down the lingering attractions you'll surely love about the outgoing Samsung flagship:

The S4 look

Early reviews of the new Samsung top-notch handset agreed on one thing - the Galaxy S4 hardly deviates from the S3 in the look department. S3 buyers will bless Samsung for this as they are getting almost the same handset but of course with scaled down internals, which is hardly noticeable for the average smartphone buyers.

The S4 features and functions

Or at least, most of them at the moment but eventually Samsung intends to extend the new smartphone features it introduced with the S4 to other Galaxy models and the Galaxy S3 is part of that list.

One Samsung official has declared that so long as hardware specs would permit, the new Smart and Premium Suite features will make it to earlier handset variants and obviously the S3 possess all the qualities to become a candidate. In no time, it is expected that the S3 will behave almost in the same manner like its younger brother.

Key Lime Pie

A new report from SamMobile listed the S3 as the among the Samsung handsets that will get the Key Lime Pie release from Google by mid-2013. JellyBean charmed its way to millions of Android fans (and even iOS converts) and that tradition will be sustained and upgraded by the upcoming KLP or Android 5.0 experience.

It should be comforting for existing and future Galaxy S3 owners that they'll be part of the KLP crowd.

Promised S3 refresh from Samsung

It was reported earlier that Samsung plans new tweaks for the Galaxy S3 that will bump up the handset's screen attributes, give it longer operating hours with a higher rated battery and wireless charging capability.

The move proves that Samsung eyes more possibilities for the handset that delivered more than 40 million buys to the company. No curtain calls for now as far as the S3 concerned and buyers can look forward for more exciting moments with the top-tier Android device.

More affordable Galaxy S3

This is almost automatic. It is a generation old and it will offer both power and price cutbacks to become an easy lure. At present, retailers and distributors dangle the S3 between a penny and $50, making it hard for gadget buyers to resist the temptation. And things will only get better in the months ahead, analysts said.

With more price drops coming on its way, the Galaxy S3 poses a tough challenge even for the S4, which should start retailing at around $200 with contract. Remember that during the 2012 holiday quarter, the iPhone 4S racked up enough sales to even outpaced the Samsung device.

Samsung will be served well to follow that model but more so consumers get to feel the benefits.

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