Top 5 Post-Pregnancy Advices to Kate Middleton: Celeb Mom's Kim Kardashin, Snooki and Others Speak

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The world is impatiently waiting for the royal heir, Kate and Prince William's baby to be born. As the anticipation is building up, Kate is receiving baby advice from array of celebrity moms who have been on the sweet ride of motherhood. Lets have a look at the t celebrity mom's who have given worthy advice to the duchess of Cambridge.

1.Snooki, American Reality show TV personality, gave a post pregnancy suggestion via letter to Kate. She wrote that music helps calm down the little ones and Kate being one of the most powerful people in Britain have some interesting options.

"I'm pretty sure you can have anyone you want over to sing to your little one ... maybe a lullaby from Elton John?" Snooki suggested.

Snooki further told Kate that probably she would like to be awake in the first few nights to watch her baby sleep quietly.

2.Kim Kardashian who has just become mom of baby North has reportedly sent a gift for Kate Middleton's baby. That is really sweet Kim! However, Kate has not responded to this gesture of the reality show star. Kim has also revealed to Kate Middleton that the former has hired an astrologer to get to know everything about the baby born under 'Cancer' sign.

3.English Media celebrity, Katie Price, mother of three, told 'Mirrior Online' that Kate should have confidence in her intuition. She said, "I would say to anyone out there who is pregnant, do your own thing. The duchess will have tonnes of advice thrown at her."

4.On how to maintain the balance between work and newly achieved motherhood, Tess Daly, English Model told 'Entertainment  Wise', "It's just a balancing act that every working mother I know is trying to perfect."

5. Emma Davies Dixon, wife of indy 500 winner, Scott Dixon, told, that once Kate would have her baby,  sleep would be her last priority. "You will never sleep properly again. I wish I had slept more when I was pregnant. I have not had a good night's sleep in four years. Even if you are not with them, you are still worrying about them. It is genetically imprinte

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