Top 5 New Features for iOS 6


The newest OS version from Apple Inc. which is iOS 6 is set to bring about new and additional features for different Apple devices. A preview of these new features were already showcased during the WWDC 2012.

iOS 6 was said to bring about 200 new features for Apple devices that would receive this update. Out of these 200 new features, here are the top 5 features of iOS 6:

Apple Maps

Apple finally decided on not using Google Maps as they have already developed their own mapping system, aptly called as Apple Maps. Aside from the usual mapping feature, Apple added new features for this feature which includes turn-by-turn navigation, updated traffic information, and other helpful information while navigating the road. There is also a "Flyover view" feature in Google maps which showcases 3D models of cities in real time. Users can pan, zoom, and rotate around a 3D photo view of the city.


Siri, the popular virtual assistant, would also get an upgrade in iOS 6. Siri is now updated with more information from a wide range of subjects like sports news, film, and daily functions. Aside from that, users can also utilize Siri to open any type of app on the iDevice as well as in Tweeting or posting a Facebook status update. There is also a new function for Siri which is focused on business. Siri can now locate business information in Maps which can help users in finding any type of business-related concerns.

Facebook Integration

Through this new iOS, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter would be easier to access without the need of a third party application. Users can just log-in once and they would be able to access these social networking sites easily. Users can also "like" Apps they have downloaded in the App store and share it either through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

Do Not Disturb

The next top feature for iOS 6 is the inclusion of the Do Not Disturb feature which would help users in screening calls and messages especially when they are busy. This feature can be found in the Settings option wherein they can turn it on or off. Once this feature is enabled, users would not be able to receive any phone call or alerts. As for messages, it would still be received albeit with no sound or alert.

3G Facetime

Facetime also gets an upgrade through iOS 6. Facetime can now work through 3G connections which is a big improvement before since Facetime could only work if there is Wi-Fi at both ends. Though Facetime being available through 3G, it is much easier to utilize and access this app.

The beta version of iOS 6 has already been released for developers. The target date for the official release of iOS 6 would be at the latter part of 2012. 

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