Top 5 Must See Attractions in Gold Coast

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Gold Coast has always been one of Australia's premiere holiday destinations. The region is well-known for its wide variety of attractions, from its surf and beaches to its theme parks and wildlife attractions. The Gold Coast has been attracting Australians within its boundaries for years.

IN 2018, the Gold Coast will be made famous again by another attraction as it plays host to the XXI Commonwealth Games. So while you're thinking of whether joining the throngs of fans that will come to Gold Coast in 2018 to cheer for their teams, here are the top five must-see attractions in Gold Coast to help you make up your mind.

1. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

    Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary offers a native Australian wildlife coastal rainforest experience to its visitors. In this park, you can cuddle a koala, feed the kangaroos and wild Lorikeets and enjoy 17 wildlife shows, including the free-flight bird show and the Snakes Alive show. Aboriginal and Islander dancers also perform in their daily shows. At night, visitors can take on a night-time wildlife tour and experience Australia's nocturnal wildlife come to life.

    In addition to the native Australian wildlife experience, the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary also features the Green Challenge Adventure Park. This adventure park features 65 high rope challenges distributed in more than 4 courses. It takes in elements of SAS commando training, offering its patrons a safe and exhilarating tree-tops ropes adventure challenge.

    2. Springbrook Natural Bridge

      Located at the Springbrook National Park, the bridge is a curious geological feature created over millions of years by water cascading down from the top of a basalt cave. It is home to a magnificent colony of glow worms which you can see shimmering after sunset. The glow of luminous fungi and fireflies add to the glow on summer nights.  Amazing flora and fauna also surround the area, which visitors can enjoy while on a picnic or on a nocturnal tour of the park.

      3. Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves

        Located at Cedar Creek Estate, the MT. Tamborine Glow Worm Caves is a popular attraction all-year round. These manmade underground caves consist of two large chambers interlinked by tunnels. Visitors are first taken to the presentation cave where they will be presented with an audiovisual display of glow worms and the construction of the cave. From this cave, visitors are then guided through the glow worm cave that's filled with thousands of shimmering glow worms. The caves are fitted with specialized equipment designed to maintain the very specific environmental conditions required by the glow worms.

        4. Surfers Paradise beach

          Surfers Paradise Beach is one of Australia's most iconic and best loved beaches. Its 3-kilometer strip of golden sand and the placid ocean conjures up visions of paradise to its visitors. It's attracted cyclists, swimmers, surfers and strollers from all over Australia and all over the world.

          Surfers Paradise Beach is home to beach volleyball in Australia, with anything from casual social games to rounds of the Australian Beach Volleyball series. It is also an ideal spot for surfers of all skill level. Its gentle shore breaks and challenging banks provide ideal conditions for both experienced and novice surfers. If you're looking to learn to surf, you can find two popular surfing schools in Surfers Paradise to get you started.

          In addition to the sun and the beach, another attraction on Surfers Paradise Beach is the beachfront market, which opens every Monday, Friday and Sunday nights. More than 100 market stalls on the foreshore attract bargain spotters, treasure hunters, and after dinner strollers along the coast.

          5. SkyPoint Observation Deck

            The SkyPoint Observation Deck takes you to the highest point above the Gold Coast to give you incomparable 360 degree views of the beaches to the hinterland and beyond. Standing 230 meters high, the observation deck is located at the 77th floor of the Q1 Building in Surfers Paradise.

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