Top 5 Leaked Nude Photo Scandals: From Jackie Chamoun to Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus

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The dawn of the digitized era has really been a bane to most Hollywood stars especially when their mobile phones data get into the wrong hands. For the years, we have seen the likes of then teen stars Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens fall prey to the vicious Internet attack as their nude pics made rounds on the web.  Below is a list of all the nude scandals that have rocked the Internet.

#5 Jackie Chamoun

The Lebanese skier who battled it out in the recent Sochi Winter Olympics made news on the internet as her topless pic surfaced. The topless pic angered Lebanese authorities, which caused the Lebanese Caretaker for Youth and Sports Faisal Karami to condemn the Olympian. In response to the nude pic scandal, thousands of fans expressed their support for Chamoun. Other Lebanese athletes also joined the bandwagon as they started posting 'nude selfies' in support of the skier. Guess the cold weather in Russia did not stop these ladies from being sizzling hot!

#4 Rihanna

Well, if it isn't that shocking to fans anymore (since Rihanna is known to post various skimpy and scantily-clad photos on her Instagram now), then they should know that in 2009, the Barbados singer suffered from leaked nude photos that spread like wildfire over the Internet. Her naked selfies found its way to various sites back in 2009-which seemed to be a big deal for the newcomer in the industry, Rihanna.

#3 Blake Lively

The "Gossip Girl" star Blake Lively fell prey to a phone hacker back in 2011, as her naked cell phone selfies made the headlines. The phone hacker had no mercy and revealed 17 pictures of the star in different poses of nudity. Wonder what Ryan Reynolds has to say about this?

#2 Scarlett Johansson

Yet another victim of phone hacking, Scarlett Johanssons nude frontal pic went viral all over the internet back in 2011. Johansson was seen taking a nude selfie in front of the mirror in one of her leaked photos. Guess this story ends on a happy note for Scarlet, as the guy who hacked her phone is now serving a 10 year sentence in a federal prison

#1 Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus

These nude selfies rank high because of the gravity of the issue-Hudgens and Cyrus were barely out of their teenage years when their nude selfies rocked the internet. Fans should hope that other former Disney stars do not follow suit.

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