Top 5 Julia Gillard Parodies (VIDEOS)

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Like any other political figure, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is a top target for parodies, ranging from her dancing 2012's monster hit Gangnam style to a TV programme that was based on her character.

Here are the top 5 parodies of Australia's first female prime minister.

1.     At Home with Julia

This four-part mini-series made by ABC1 strongly debuted on September 2011. Among the attractions of the show was an after-sex scene between the actress who portrayed Julia and the actor who portrayed her real-life live-in partner, Tim Mathieson. This scene even had the actress draped in an Australian flag.

The first episode was the sixth most-watched show that day with an audience of 1.066 million. The show, however, divided Aussies who expressed their sentiments in Twitter.

Michael Byrnes tweeted, "There is a world of difference between clever, nuanced satire and lazy, unsophisticated mockery." Therese Rein, the wife of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, described the show in a tweet as pretty rough.

For the second episode which showed the after-sex scene, ABC was swamped with complaints and viewers dropped to 889,000. For the record, Ms Gillard did not watch the show because she had "more to do than sit around and watch ABC TV."

2.     Gangnam Style

2012's swan song was South Korean pop artist Psy's hit Gangnam Style. Of course, while the top parody of the song-and-dance number was that of U.S. President Barack Obama, parody makers made one too of Ms Gillard.

However, unlike Psy's video which had exceeded 1 billion hits and that of Mr Obama's which reached more than 9 million views, Ms Gillard's version had only 3,658 views so far.

3.     Rudd Duet

Her duet parody with her predecessor, Mr Rudd, apparently was a bigger hit with more than 166,000 views in the past 10 months.

The parody, which used the tune of Gotye's Somebody That I Used to Know, describes in a comic way Ms Gillard's ascent and Mr Rudd's fall from power.

4.     Twelve Days of Christmas

This parody reflects the sentiments of many Australians about Ms Gillard, the Australian Labor Party, the government's international policies and the country's economy by using a popular Christmas song.

5.     The Bodyguard

Ms Gillard's rescue by Mr Abbott and her security staff earned the prime minister the monicker Cinderella for losing a slipper, and the Opposition leader, the Bodyguard, with the Whitney Houston theme song used as a background.

With election coming in the next few months, expect parody- and meme-makers to be busy creating more hilarious and sometimes not so flattering images of not only Ms Gillard but also other Australian politicians in the coming months.

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