Top 5 iPhone 6, 5S Features Confirmed by Apple’s Patents


Tech giant Apple's patents may have given hints on the upcoming features of the next iPhone.

A new patent was filed by Apple that will allow iPhone to predict how to handle itself without any input from the user.

The new patent is called "Electronic device with automatic mode switching," which suggests that the company has come up with a way for their devices to carry out specific tasks based on a number of different conditions.

The device could detect external noises, time of day, lighting conditions and temperatures to then act accordingly by using embedded sensors.

If Apple implements this kind of technology in their mobile devices, it could certainly make their devices much smarter as they automatically adjust to multiple situations in a person's life, rather than the person having to adjust their phone on a regular basis.

iPhone 6, on the other hand, is speculated to be released in June. Rumour has it that Apple will unveil a major iPhone and a low cost handset, dubbed as iPhone 5S.

Apple are expected to include an improved camera in the iPhone 6 and/or iPhone 5S which is rumoured to be capable of taking "Super HD" pictures. In order to take snaps at that resolution it'll need to have at least a 13 mega-pixel camera.

The lack of NFC support on the iPhone 5 was one of the biggest criticisms aimed at Apple's smartphone. Rumours suggest that the iPhone 5S could include support for the contact-less technology which can be used to pay for items in retail stores. Other features rumoured to be included in the handset is the A7 quad core chip processor, Retina or IGZO screen display among others.

Below are the top five features that may be included in Apple's new smartphones.

  1. iPhone 6 Bound to be Smarter - The new patent allows the device could detect external noises, time of day, lighting conditions and temperatures to then act accordingly by using embedded sensors.
  2. Better Camera Features - iPhone 5S or 6 could have a camera that will capture images without the fear of blurs. This is because in the patent it shows that an image is already taken and stored long before the shutter is open, much like the latest Nikon compact.
  3. Better Security via Fingerprint Sensor - The iPhone 6 may also become smarter and more secured with the aid of a fingerprint sensor. The rumour is included in note of KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a superb track record in iPhone rumours. The rumour is backed by the fact that Apple bought AuthenTec in 2012. They were well known for their fingerprint scanning technology.
  4. Laser Projected Keyboard - An Apple patent has been published under the name "Depth Perception Device and System". It is a system which determines the distance and depth of an object. This feature would be integrated in electronic devices such as a smart phones and computers. This device is described as a system which could project a laser keyboard from an iPad, iPhone, or computer. This would give consumers an option to use a virtual keyboard without adding extra bulk to the devices.
  5. "Non-Touch" Wireless Charging - Last year, Apple is working on 'non-touch' wireless charging technologies. Apple's proposed technology uses near-field magnetic resonance (NFMR) to recharge devices without any actual contact, and it may work across distances of up to one meter. 
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