Top 5 Hybrid Devices of 2012: From Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to Microsoft Surface Tablet [PHOTOS]

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There are devices that do not fall in a specific category since it bears the functions and capabilities of two gadgets.

Hybrid devices gained popularity for the past few years since it offers that perks of two devices in one. This year, the niche for hybrid devices widened and many more gadgets emerged in the market.

Samsung, Microsoft and Sony are only some of the companies that explore this particular niche and offered their own two-in-one technologies.

Many people are attracted in buying hybrid devices mainly because of two things: convenience and practicality. First, it is more convenient to bring one hybrid device than bringing two separate devices. Some people prefer bringing a sole device in crowdy places or in social gatherings.

Another reason is it saves the buyer more money. Buying a hybrid device proved to be cheaper than buying two gadgets. Consumers are simply being wise with their money with some reasoning, "why buy a tablet and a smartphone, when I can have a phablet?"

However, some people disagree with the aforementioned statements and said that while hybrid devices offer some of the functions of another device, user cannot fully experience the features of one of the integrated gadget.

For example, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 rose on the top of the smartphone market being a tablet-smartphone hybrid device or simply, a "phablet". The phablet do offers some of the functions of a tablet; however, the user cannot fully enjoy the features of a full-pledged tablet.

On the other hand, the holidays are coming up and some of these hybrid devices can be great gift ideas for your friends and families.

See the slideshow for the top 5 hybrid devices that was introduced this year. 

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