Top 5 Hottest Wives of Professional Athletes [PHOTOS]

  on January 31 2013 4:34 PM

Being a professional athlete definitely has its perks. Aside from fame and wealth, another advantage is making it easier to attract hot female models and celebrities.

While not all professional players are married, some of those who are on top of their game are not only admired by their talent in sports but also envied because of their gorgeous wives. There are a lot of Hollywood celebrities who have continuously been linked to athletes. There are some who wedded and got divorced, Kim Kardashian included.

But there are those who have retained their wedding bands despite the hectic schedules and pressure from the public. As we know, being a sports celebrity is just the same as being a Hollywood celebrity. Must be why these athletes managed to score incredibly beautiful wives.

Carrie Underwood - The famous country singer is the wife of Nashville Predator's Mike Fisher. The two met back in 2008 and wedded in 2010.

Brooklyn Decker - The gorgeous young actress is wedded to tennis player Andy Roddick. The athlete definitely has a lot to boast about his wife, not only is she one of the hottest actresses today, but she's also a former Sports Illustrated model.

Adriana Lima - Now who wouldn't feel lucky to have this Victoria's Secret angel as a wife? Marco Jaric is one lucky guy. Lima is famed as one of Victoria's Secret's top models and is one of the highest paid supermodels in the world. The two are happily married and have daughters, Valentina and Sienna.

Gisele Bundchen - Again, New England Patriot's Tom Brady is just as lucky as Jaric. Gisele is a former Victoria's Secret model and has held the throne as the highest paid supermodel for a couple of consecutive years. In 2011, Tom and Gisele were named the highest paid couple according to Forbes.

Victoria Beckham - Famous wife of probably one of the most good looking athletes out there, David Beckham. Both of them are without a doubt famous, rich and hands down gorgeous. Both are supportive of each other's endeavor, David on football and Victoria on her fashion line.

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